Different Benchtop Designs You should know About

Different Benchtop Designs You should know About
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Benchtops are one of the most prominent features in a room or a place like a kitchen and are a real focal point. They determine whether the room or place where the bench is kept has an aesthetic appeal and are a formidable visual element of any room or place’s interior. At the same time, renovating your room or placing a careful benchtop with exquisite design.

Therefore one needs to know the different types of benchtop designs available. It is necessary while renovating. You should be aware of the best benchtop designs available and not go according to the other people’s recommendations. Companies like Uniq Stone provide expertise in benchtops in Adelaide. The different benchtop designs that one should know are mentioned down below.

Different types of benchtop designs:

Stainless Steel: 

This type of benchtop design is generally used in restaurants but is slowly gaining popularity and is being used in households. Stainless steel is supposed to be extremely hard-wearing and hygienic, so the restaurant uses it. Stainless steel countertops can bear the impact of falling utensils, heat, water etc. Hence, having a stainless counter will ensure longevity. 


Another type of benchtop that is slowly gaining popularity is timber. Timber benchtops are extremely solid and sleek looking because of the top being oiled and laminated. 


This type of benchtop is one of the most famous types of benchtop design typically used by the upper class. The granite looks elegant and is extremely durable and stain-resistance, making it difficult to scratch. 

Quantum Quartz: 

This type of benchtop is made from engineered stone, making it one of the best options for benchtop designs. It is relatively easier to maintain and difficult to scratch but can be prone to chipping. Like all the other types of benchtop designs, this is available in various colours and patterns. 

Laminate Benchtops: 

In the array of benchtop designs, laminate is one of the most popular and preferred benchtop types. It is made from the layers of paper over a chipboard ply or a ply and then coated in a clear layer of melamine. It relatively stays easier to maintain with its stain-resistant, but if the melamine layer is broken and the water seeps into the surface, swelling can occur. Laminate benchtops come in a wide array of designs. 

Marble Benchtop: 

Another popular and preferred type of benchtop design is marble benchtops. Marble has been around for a long time and has been extremely durable in any situation, making it one of the most preferred types of benchtop designs even after it being around for more than a millennia. 


Therefore these were the different types of benchtop designs that are necessary for one to know about. Most companies around the world sell all of these benchtop designs, like Uniq Stone, a company in Australia that offers its products and services to people for benchtops. Always take the services of professional companies to ensure quality work.