Different Types of Notes for Students

Different Types of Notes for Students

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Every student has his or her own learning style, due to which they might relate to a certain type of note more than the other. Therefore, it is important for you to be familiar with the different types of notes, so you can choose the best one according to your own learning style.

Whichever type of note you choose, you should keep in mind that note-taking is a highly useful and effective practice for students to memorize the maximum amount of information. It helps you in processing the information and using these different types of notes to prepare for the exams in an efficient manner.

Keep reading to learn all about these different types of notes and their benefits.

Outline Notes

The outlining method is suitable for students who like writing information in the form of bullet points. Generally, Roman or Arabic numerals are used in the outlining method. The information is noted down in the form of short sentences. In this way, you can cover the entire main idea with the help of short sentences. It also makes it easier for you to revise the content at a later stage.  

Generally, you should use the outlining method when you are dealing with scientific topics that you have to categorize into different groups and sub-topics. Moreover, creating outline notes is also useful during the classes and lectures because you can note a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

However, keep in mind that this type of note is not suitable when you are dealing with complicated topics and have to refer to different types of sub-topics within a larger main idea.


Many students prefer visualization as their learning style. So, if you are one of those students, you should use the mapping method. It is an effective method of note-taking to structure all the relevant ideas in one place and note down critical information.

One important thing that you have to make sure of is that you make such types of notes clear and easy to understand so that whenever you open the notes again, they become clear to you. You can easily use the mapping method by writing the main points inside the bubbles and associating various ideas using simple lines.

A significant benefit of using the mapping technique to create mind maps is that it makes it easier to understand how various ideas are connected with each other. It facilitates the visual learners to memorize important information quickly and recall it later. Moreover, the mapping technique also allows you to take notes quickly, which means you can use this technique even while being in a class.


You can use the charting method to make notes in the form of small charts. It includes structuring information by making columns so that every column refers to a specific idea or topic. It is typically suitable to use when you are dealing with topics in which you have to write similarities and differences. Therefore, if you want to analyze different topics in detail, you should use the charting method to create reliable and easy-to-memorize notes.

Cornell Notes

There are three main elements of the Cornell Notes that are cues, summary, and notes. In the ‘Notes’ section, you have to write down all of the main information related to the topic that you are dealing with. In the ‘Cues’ section, you should fill the information after the lecture is over to add any extra details. You can highlight the main ideas or related questions in the Cues section.

The ‘Summary’ section is at the very bottom of the notes and should contain the most important points from the information. The purpose of this section is to provide you with a quick overview of the information in question to ensure you revise it at a later time.

The benefit of relying on the Cornell notes is that you can use different types of notes at the same time and cover maximum information. Moreover, a summary of the notes is essential to make it easier for you to study the notes and prepare for a test.


The bottom line is that you should try out these different types of notes and find out the best type of note for yourself. This process involves analyzing your personal learning style and choosing the most suitable type of note to memorize the maximum amount of information and ace the tests. You can use multiple types of notes at the same time and adapt the note-taking style according to the subject or specific topic you are dealing with.

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