Do you really need PIM software?

PIM software

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

 Are you confused about the amount of information required for the success of your business? Are you tired of the product data’s management process and desire additional assistance? There is a simple solution to helping you in this matter – to launch a Product Information Management Software. You can ask the counter-question – Why do I need PIM Software? You are welcome to find the answer in this article

Firstly, let’s start with the definition of Product Information Management itself before talking about the respective software. PIM is the gathering, improving, arranging, and implementing of product data. The better you build the system around gathering data concerning your product the more efficient your business is. The data should be clear, succinct, and in full volume. 

No doubt that you store all essential data in software like Microsoft Office or Adobe products. There is one main fault in such storage – you have to care about all product data in various places, which means wasting your precious time. At the same time, you are free to facilitate the execution of a task with PIM software.  

PIM Software

PIM software can be a loyal assistant and a core where you, along with partners, are able to operate and to supervise efficiently the company’s products. It becomes easier to deal with modern e-commerce platforms and marketplaces thanks to up-to-date PIMs. All external participants of work processes like customers and suppliers pick up required info due to management software; the best version is PIM software.

You have to do your own research before putting up money for this software. There are some hint questions that should aid in this matter:

  • Is data about your product complex?
  • Where do you obtain data, and how do you deal with it?
  • Are you aware of the positive consequences after launching PIM software?
  • Do you prefer the cloud system or on-site?

Four crucial questions for taking decision

These 4 crucial questions for taking decisions are going to be discovered below in detail.

The complexity of your data, not its amount

Let you think twice about the following:

  • A.    the quantity of the products for storage at each stage in the cycle of your product;
  • The quantity of the sources in the adaptation stage of the product;
  • Including raw materials for the storage of the life cycle data;
  • The number of languages required for each product data;
  • Existence of product data composites or attributes.

Mutual collaboration

The product data can be from outside participants of the business process like suppliers, copywriters, industry workers, etc. The more number of them, the less efficiency of mutual collaboration you will get, especially in the case of manual management without the support of any software, including PIM. Description, reviews, and images might weigh a quite massive amount. PIM software definitely maintains your precious time implementing automated processes, which leads to the most efficient result for your business.

Optimization of internal opportunities

One of the positive consequences is the creation of one space with trustworthy information about all products. It makes the whole process up-to-date without the loss of crucial info. Optimization of internal opportunities along with the partner’s capabilities leads to a higher level of margin. Flexible attitude to increasing demands and not desirable modification.

Choice of the right PIM Software

Company software by a software development company can be implemented in two possible waysThe following examples are shown to you for deeper understanding:

a.     Local – company’s management and customer locate crucial data on respective servers. They supervise the whole data; it is quite simple and flexible. At the same time, it demands significant resources.

b.     Cloud deployment – tenants of such space always have an opportunity to exploit efficient APIs. The total upgrade is a possible solution if we are talking about the up-to-date and proficient work of all business participants.

c.      Also, you are free to choose between SaaS (Software as a system) and Paas (Platform as a system). The first option demands fewer charges, but it is less pliable and less adjustable. Saas is able to scale diversified brands – an uncomplicated and integrated package of service.

Try to define requirements for the disposal of vital data. This one lets you comprehend the utility value of PIM software implementation. Please look through the feasible trading instruments, for instance, marketplaces like Amazon, own website or partner sites, mobile applications, digital indexes, price lists, and e-mail marketing.

Obtaining PIM software may be reasonable if you utilize a quite impressive number of various channels mentioned above. In case of the presence of a few data directions on one marketplace, it is better to automate all business processes in order not to be confused with a massive amount of crucial info. Product description, its price, and the following order should be economically well-grounded to obtain the PIM software. The delivery and possible refund must be automated for 100%.

The main assets of purchasing the PIM software:

  • Transparent view of consolidated data in details
  • Support and veracity of the data
  • Permitted  access to the data for all business partners
  • Workflow becomes more rapid and productive

To whom the software may concern – contemporary e-commerce marketing and sales teams. One of the major advantages to launch the software to the work of sales managers is the creation of product lists and catalogs. This process can be smooth, and uncomplicated with the possibility to customize them according to the customers’ requirements. Thanks to successful software implementation, you can count on a fast closing of the deal. All data in e-format is accessible at any time.

Having access to specifications, videos, and other necessary info, the sales team is able to propose correct and accurate answers to customers’ questions. It lets us be the most productive in all stages of the business process. If you are aware of exhaustive product data, then you possess an opportunity to generate exclusive content thanks to PIM software.

The union of external participants, employees and e-commerce marketplaces is the foundation for PIM software. A fruitful interconnection between all of them is crucial for the achievement of high-grade performance. This united system should be effortlessly scalable.

The great news is that all your data is ready for enrichment. Tiresome and routine work will disappear after the automatization of PIM software. After it, you are free to design the marketing data, and content (product info, its placement). Analytics can be trustworthy if you always have access to the product data thanks to the CRM system used by the customer service of your company. CRM should be integrated with PIM for outstanding results in the future.


Taking into account all the above-mentioned information, please do not hesitate to answer honestly and directly on tricky questions raised in front of you. It is the best way to do detailed, accurate research about the true condition of your business at present, its interconnections, and the amount and value of respective data. Set the most ambitious and, at the same time, achievable goals for the future. This analytics has to assist you in making the right decisions about the essentiality and further implementation of PIM software to your business. 

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