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Whether a beginner or a veteran, your weapon will impact your overall gameplay in Elden Ring. A good weapon can turn the battle in favor of a new player, while a bad weapon can do the opposite for an experienced player. Elden Ring has a complete arsenal of weapons for all situations along with the opportunity to upgrade them with Elden Ring Runes.

Some weapons are easy to unlock, while you have to opt for extensive grinding for other weapons. These weapons are best for different situations, and knowing everything about each weapon is beneficial. Here are the ten best weapons in Elden Ring, which you can choose any day to fight monsters of the dark world. 


Moonveil is a powerful Katana sword that can pierce through its targets and finish them with just one hit. If you are a player-vs-environment battle lover, add the Moonveil sword to your magic swordsman build to experience the true power. It features the transient moonlight skill that unleashes a magic blade every time you draw the sword.

To get your hands on Moonveil, go to the Caelid entrance of the Gael tunnel and defeat the Magma w/yrm there. If you manage to land a direct hit with a heavy attack of the Moonveil katana, the poise damage will increase by almost double.

Rivers of Blood

Although the damage output of the rivers of blood sword was decreased after the recent update, it can still get the job done. Combine it with the powerful arcane incantations to scale the ARC and DEX to the maximum. Cut enemies to parts with minimum but swift slashes. You have to get the rivers of blood before defeating the fire giant in Elden Ring. It can pierce through even some of the toughest armors to cause blood loss.

Meteorite Staff

Meteorite staff is the ultimate choice of pro players, but it is best if you don’t have any good spells and want to get good staff. You can’t enhance the stats of the meteorite staff by upgrading it, so you have to fight with whatever stats you have from day one. To get the meteorite staff, you need a minimum of six STR and eighteen INT. These stats are achievable at the start of the game, which makes this your first staff in the game. Infuse it with the ashes of war.

Dark Moon Greatsword

With the right weapon skills, you will be able to transform the dark moon greatsword into the moonlight greatsword. When it comes to unlocking this sword, simply complete the quest of Ranni. It becomes a strong choice, especially after the transformation, and can deal some heavy damage in a few hits. Everything from INT to DEX and STR receives a boost, although this won’t be much. With enough somber smithing stones, you can upgrade this sword to the next level.

Axe of Godrick

Break skulls of enemies with the axe of Godrick to finish them with just one hit instead of hitting them again and again and wasting your time. Compared to various swords in Elden ring, this axe provides better damage output and attack speed. By upgrading the axe, unlock its special skill to create an earthquake by hitting it on the ground to cause area of effect damage to all the nearby enemies. It will kill all the low-level enemies even with the special effect while you have to make some extra effort to get rid of bosses.


Reduvia is a dagger in Elden Ring that comes up with the famous Reduvia blood blade skill, which doesn’t require you to deal self-damage and works perfectly well with stamina. It scales accuracy and dexterity, making it the best choice along with the rivers of a blood katana sword. Upgrade this short-range dagger with somber smithing stones to increase its stats. Backstab your enemies stealthy to kill them before they even know what is happening.

Sword of Night and Flame

Sword of night and flame offers to scale up a mix of all the available stats, including accuracy, intelligence, faith, strength, and dexterity. With its special attack known as the night and flame stance, you will be able to launch a strong attack at all the enemies in the front to sweep them with the flame of fire. If you want to aovid all the grinding, alternatively you can buy it from MMOPXEL.

Alternatively, you can also cast the comet Azur sorcery along with the normal attack by holding the sword at a stable level. Increase the faith level of your character as the damage from the flame attack depends on it, while the night attack is based on intelligence. You can also upgrade the sword itself with somber stones to increase overall stats. 

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

For those who have worked hard in the game, they can finally upgrade the meteorite staff with the Lusat’s Glintstone staff as you need something better at this point in the game. It can deal high damage to enemies even with the sorcery alone, and you need to defeat the duo of the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest bosses to get it. Although you can’t upgrade it with any consumables or somber stones, it is still one of the best staff in the game.

Starscourge Greatsword

Starscourge Greatsword features a unique attack skill known as the star caller cry, which makes it a colossal weapon. Go to the roundtable hold and meet with enia to trade the Starscourge Greatsword for Remembrance of the Starscourge, which is pretty good given its benefits. If enemies are away from you, drag them nearby with a special skill and kill them effortlessly to avoid all the hassle of moving near them.

Frenzied Flame Seal

Frenzied flame seal can cast the famous frenzied flame incantations making it one of the best-sacred seals. Complete the questline of Hyetta to receive the frenzied flame seal as a reward. It is one of the few weapons in the entire game which can increase both intelligence and faith stats. You can install regular upgrades of this seal with somber smithing stones, while enhancement requires consumables or magic boosts.

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