Electronic Components Online: A Quick Guide On How To Source?

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2021 is proving to be a very competitive year for companies operating in the electronic components industry. Since covid-19 pandemic, electronics pricing has become extremely competitive, and you can quickly find out by using the market leading electronic components finder oemsecrets.com. A search engine that displays and compares pricing and inventory from 120+ global distributors which is good news for buyers because this type of smart sourcing can provide considerable savings. It helps secure better deals on the same parts from one distributor compared to another and in general the small marginal difference can result in a final product being cost-effective.

How can you securely find components?

Building a list of trusted suppliers can be time consuming to say the least. You want a supplier who can meet your demand requirements, deliver on time and supply high quality OEM electronic components you are looking for.

5 Key factors to consider:

  1. Source from trusted supplier
  2. Ensure supplier can meet your company’s delivery requirement
  3. Balance time spent vs time saved
  4. Check for price guarantees
  5. Lead times for additional stock if required

When I speak to people in this industry how they find components to use on their next projects we always end up talking about the importance of using an authorised electronic components distributor for a part you are looking for. Even if it means paying a bit more, it beats logic trying to save a few dollars only to pay more to rescue a project because of acquiring counterfeit components for cheap. Therefore, due diligence should be exercised before you commit to an order.

Use Integrated electronics components comparison data engines

With millions of components available on the global market, you need a way to quickly access electronic components sourcing information. Platforms like oemsecrets can keep everyone on your team be synched and singing from the same hymn as they have a centralised electronic components inventory updated in real-time open and free to access 24hours 7 days a week on cloud. This helps purchasing teams, design engineers and hobbyists buying for their big project using the same set of component data, rather than compiling individual databases.

Whilst doing our search on a topic related to electronic components price we sent a survey out to various organisation and Carol, the Director of madeforbabies.net that manufactures toys and other baby products using electronic components like IC and sensors for their moving toys mentioned that “The best part about working with comparison websites and aggregators with big databases of components is the ability to see data that is collected and refined from multiple distributors in a single location.”

Where to buy electronic components online?

If you are doing a small project you might get away by nipping to the nearest store in your town and pick a few pieces from your local electronic component store near you. If you’re not sure, a quick google of “electronic components near me” should give you some local stores usually with a 5 mile radius to your GPS location. If you are sourcing electronic components to build your projects, you can see some recommended global online stores for your consideration.

Whether you are based in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East or in an island, you can buy electronic components online and get it delivered at your doorstep. If this is your first time and your anxious about ordering online, then check out the following websites: Arrow Electronics, Farnell Electronics, Future Electronics, RS Components, Newark, Avnet amongst other global distributors.


Electronic components price is the key element that most buyers check before considering other elements. Don’t forget the 5 key factors to help you find components securely online and remember always source from a trusted supplier.

Article researched and compiled by electronics writer Ranger Carol Misty

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