Get Rid of Any Electronic File Management Challenges by Exploring PDFBear Tools


Last Updated on August 12, 2021 by azamqasim

It’s never new to see many people encounter different challenges in managing their electronic files. Most of these struggles come from having little to no knowledge about various effective ways to handle files on your computer or other devices most efficiently. Besides that, if you don’t have access to a particular computer system, app, or file tool, you’ll indeed find it difficult to deal with your electronic files. 

However, due to technological advancement, the internet will offer you tons of web-based tool options. As long as the device you use is in perfect condition and you have access to reliable internet, handling your electronic files can be so much easier. Since you can find many web-based file tools online, you can possibly choose the wrong one that doesn’t fit your file needs. 

Don’t worry because this article will talk about one of the most sought-after websites that will provide you with a list of helpful online tools that you can use for free. It’s the PDFBear that allows you to explore its platform for its free tools. It will enable you to enjoy the convenience it brings when it comes to handling your files most effectively. Hence, check the list below that will surely help you get rid of any challenges in managing all of your electronic files. 

Electronic File Converters

One of the common problems most people encounter with their electronic files is dealing with any file conversions. Sometimes it can be a demanding task to convert Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF. Besides that, if your task or project requires you to use PNG, HTML, or JPG, and you don’t have any of them, that will surely be another problem. 

Hence, to help you out, you can visit PDFBear’s official website to access its free file converter. You can choose whatever tool online based on the file format you need. After that, go ahead and get your files uploaded right away. Then, after a few minutes of waiting, the file format you need to complete your task is now ready for download. As you can see with the conversion process, it’s so much easier and convenient. 

Delete-PDF Tool

Another problem that most people may encounter in dealing with electronic files is updating PDFs. PDF is a universal file format that you can use for various practical purposes. However, if some details a PDF file contains on a particular chapter or page need to be removed, you can’t apply any changes directly on it. 

With that, you have to use the delete-PDF tool of PDFBear. Hence, instead of rewriting the entire PDF files, you can remove specific pages containing unnecessary information instead. Doing so will surely help you save more time and effort. 

PDF-Protect Tool

For PDF files that contain confidential data and sensitive information, you need to keep them safe at all times. You might have heard some experiences of others who have suffered from various consequences of unpermitted file access. That’s why if you don’t want it to happen for your PDFs, protect them with a reliable file security password as early as today. 

Then, to help you make your life easier, you can always access the PDF-protect tool of PDFBear. It’s available on its website, and it’s also for free. You only have to create a customized password, incorporating different numbers, letters, and other special characters. After that, the tool will successfully save and activate the password you provided. Once done, you can get it downloaded right away directly to the device you’re currently using. 

Unlock-PDF Tool

If you have some encrypted PDF files, and you’ve changed your mind and wanted to remove the password instead, you can also do that in PDFBear. Password-free PDFs are the best option if they don’t contain any sensitive data and information. With that, you only have to follow a quick process that’s straightforward and easy. 

Get your encrypted PDFs uploaded on the PDFBear platform, and key in the password on the system. After a few minutes, you can now download your files straight to your device. You can then start accessing and using them without worrying about providing incorrect passwords in the future. Doing so will also help you save more of your time and effort. 


Managing different electronic files on computers or any wireless electronic devices can be an easy task for others. However, for some who don’t know the process or don’t have any access to file tools, completing even a single file task can be very challenging. Good thing that PDFBear offers its set of free tools online that you can access and use anytime you want.

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