Elegant Rugs For a Modern Farmhouse Look

Elegant Rugs For a Modern Farmhouse Look

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Elegant rugs in any room add a layer of warmth and can bring a room together to make all the design elements feel cohesive and connected.

Modern farmhouse rugs can stick closely to the farmhouse style and they can stretch into other design styles too. To make a rug work for you, don’t rely solely on its defined style. Instead, find a rug that makes the room feel good to you. The rug should be a connected part of your overall design.

Read on for some ideas to consider for farmhouse-style rugs.

Hand Woven Jute

In your list of modern farmhouse rug ideas, you should absolutely buy jute rug because these rugs are made from natural fibers and are highly durable. At the same time, they add a layer of texture to your space.

Don’t be fooled by the texture though, they are remarkably soft and comfortable to the touch. This is a nice way to add a rug without too much color or too much busy pattern, both of which are the cornerstones of modern farmhouse style.

Vintage Inspired

No matter the style, there’s nothing quite like adding a rug to a space that feels like it’s been there for a long time. It has stood the test of time and has the bones of the room.

Vintage rugs usually add some color and pattern to a space, but you can opt for muted color tones to stay authentic to the farmhouse style.

Berber Shag Rug

This is the rug that’s the cornerstone of farmhouse design. If you love the farmhouse style, you’ve likely seen this rug or a variation of it in room after room.

Often this rug is white or off-white and creates texture in the rug by having both a Berber and shag makeup. Often this rug will have a subtle amount of color added to it with a slight geometric design in soft black or grey too.

Floral Inspired

The die-hard farmhouse-style fans might get nervous when they hear floral but they shouldn’t. Florals don’t have to be busy, bright-colored, or loud either.

Pay attention to the word inspired here. You can opt for a very small floral pattern with minimal color. You could have a floral-inspired rug that has only two closely related colors and the floral creates a subtle pattern to the rug.

Oriental Rugs

Again, you might be nervous by the term, but you shouldn’t be. There are many gorgeous oriental rugs that use subtle color and even pattern to add to a space.

If you’re considering an oriental rug for your farmhouse design you’re simply adding another layer or design element. You’ll be surprised at how the right oriental rug will look as though it was meant for your farmhouse-styled home.

Elegant Rugs for Your Home

Rugs in any room, from the living room and dining room, to the kitchen and bathroom, are an important part of the design aesthetic. You want to select elegant rugs that add to the overall design of your space.

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