What are the BEST Pet-friendly Rugs?

What are the BEST Pet-friendly Rugs?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

There are numerous events you cannot prevent. However, there are plenty of methods to cure those unpleasant events and happenings. One such happening is the shedding by your pet. Well, what’s the cure? It is incredibly easy as long as pet-friendly rugs are concerned. Few easy precautions and specific choices while buying rugs and you are good to go.

Precautionary measures (tips):

Some of the prominent and distinguishable features of a rug type can become the reason to avoid getting it in a setting where pets play around:

Shaggy rugs –

the most accountable thick, fluffy feature of shaggy rugs make them not the best choice when looking for a pet-friendly rug.

High pile –

You will definitely not want your pet to feed on the high piles of your rug. Besides, hair shedding by the pet and dirt they carry could give you a suitable reason to avoid buying a high pile rug.

Fringed –

Fringes on the rug could be the most fascinating toy for your pet. Hence, it could never be advised to own a fringed rug for a floor with pets running.

In consultation with rug experts at Mat Living India, we have compiled this list of the 6 best pet-friendly rugs that you can choose from:

Wool rugs

Wool rugs take the first position when longing for pet-friendly rugs that also don’t compromise on quality and every other attributes you may have in your list. It is natural to be surprised how delicate yet wool make one of the best pet-friendly material. Some of the born attributes of wool make it resilient to spills, stains and dirt carried by pets. Besides, they are durable and not fluffy.

Jute rugs

Jute makes the second-best rug material as far as pets are concerned. Jute is one of a kind natural fibre that is durable and reflects lustre. Also, they are washable, the go-to reason for a pet-friendly rug. You get the freedom to get over the stains, spills, dirt and hair shedding by your pet that you do not have control of.


For most of them, cotton is a no brainer choice while looking for a pet-friendly rug. The reasons are- familiarity with the material and a deep understanding of the precautionary measure in taking care of them. Besides, accurately designed cotton rugs compares with premium fibres.

Synthetic rugs

If you are ready to compromise on natural fibre, a synthetic fibre carpet could make a tremendous addition while also being resistant to pet activities that could ruin a rug and ask for a replacement


Indoor-outdoor carpets are purposely designed in a fashion that could shield them from probable dangers. One such aspect in mind while making an indoor-outdoor rug is its suitability in areas that houses pets. Also, they are weather-resistant and washable. Most of the time, a quick shaking could be enough to get rid of the unwanted stains and dust particles.