Emergency tree removal: 5 important safety tips to know

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Last Updated on January 18, 2024 by Umer Malik

Emergency tree removal is a preventive procedure that is done on a falling or fallen tree. It is also needed in cases where a standing tree could pose serious dangers to lives and properties. The following scenarios are cases where it is expedient to practise high standard safety measures.

1. A tree can damage properties and harm people:

Emergency tree removal services will be needed if the full tree or some parts have been blown over, fallen on a building or vehicle. Most of the time, this measure is taken to help ensure that no further harm or accident is done. If you have tree branches in your home that is leaning over or cracking, you should get a professional to check them out immediately. At this point, any further delay could be dangerous.

2. Tree that has fallen due to damage during a storm:

Storms are a possibility at any time of the year. In some rare cases, extreme storms can easily damage our properties. If there is a weak or old tree in your house, there is a high possibility that it could fall or get blown over. The storm can carry a strong wind which might end up cracking the tree branches or blowing the tree over. This makes the tree become a threat to both properties and people that are gathered nearby. Also, another weather hazard that can lead to a tree becoming a hazard is snow. It if falls on the branches of the tree and piles up, the tree branch might easily snap under such tremendous weight.

3. Keep your distance:

If you see a tree that is leaning or almost falling, stay away. If you go closer to the tree, you might make the situation more dangerous. Trees might appear firm or solidly attached to the ground. However, they are still vulnerable to gravitational pull and could easily topple over. If they fall, they could cause injuries to people and damages to nearby properties. People should be made to stay away from the tree.  The area should be cordoned off or barricaded with a truck to prevent people from going any further. This measure should be taken until the tree removal contractors show up in the area. If you have the tree stretching or leaning on/over a power line, you should quickly contact your power providers.

4. Never let an untrained person remove the tree:

Trees that are falling or fallen should only be handled by tree removal experts. They could still pose a lot of danger to ordinary people. This is not the time to think that a DIY can help you save money. Do not touch, climb, or attempt to cut the tree. It could move and fall to cause further damage. If it is in contact with a power line, you risk getting electrocuted. As a first responder, your job is to call for professional help.

5. Quickly call for help: The job of a first responder on sighting an at-risk tree is to call tree removal specialists. They will usually observe the tree and stop it from causing more harm. They will then decide on what to do with the tree. Arborists have the right tools to easily fix up the tree to save people, properties, and the tree. They will usually approach the owner and discuss possible options for the tree. If you encounter any emergency with a tree, the best approach is to be calm and contact the right professionals. You could call law enforcement agents or a tree removal service company.

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