5 Most Surprising Factors that Can Sabotage Your Home’s Market Value

Home’s Market Value

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We’ve said it a hundred times: when it comes to selling a house, the first impression lasts. Just because you have kept your abode in tip-top shape for so many years doesn’t mean your tender loving care for it will always snag a pretty good price. You still have to ask yourself “Is everything enough to wow my buyers?”. A 4000-square-foot house in Inner West Sydney will generally cost more than a tiny bucolic home. Even so, common factors like size and location are not everything appraisers consider when calculating the property depreciation. Some issues are far less obvious than those factors that we tend to just leave them out. BUT! Things that may seem a little insignificant can sometimes have a shocking impact on your home’s market value of your home. If you want to avoid this fate, do not let the smallest details skew the real worth of your well-invested property.

Before you consider selling your house, make sure you are aware of not just the obvious but also the unexpected things that could negatively influence your future sale.                

Your Not-so-friendly Neighbourhood

You probably need to cut the old argument you had with your loud neighbours because they might negatively come into play. If you live in a condo or any single-family house with next-door neighbours, the last thing your potential buyer wants is to hear some inconsiderately disturbing noises especially when they have kids trying to get some sleep. On top of your ‘bad neighbours’ are creepy things that make a not-so-friendly neighbourhood including memorial parks, funeral homes, overgrown yards and abandoned houses around you. Boo!    

Your Too-Personal Touches

Unless your potential buyer’s personality matches yours, leaving too much personalisation in the entire home design could be a major turn-off. Most buyers would like to improve the house with their own style. Sure, they will take careful note of those particular features and designs they’d like to change. The less improvement, the better! If you have those neon walls at home, might as well have them repainted when it’s time to sell because loud colours and other bizarre fixtures could hurt your home’s value so badly.   

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Your Swimming Pool

A lot of people falsely assume that just because they have these splendid pools at home, they can easily get appreciated rates for this luxury feature. Sad to say, not all buyers would be happy to soak up the warm summer rays in their own pool, holding piña-colada parties, when it also means they have to pay for maintenance and other expenses that a home pool demands. This also works for decorative bodies of water like fish ponds and waterfalls.           

Bad Smell

Because people are generally sensitive to smell, stinky homes could stop your buyers from closing the deal. Oh, if you think spraying a strong deodoriser all over the place will do, you’re absolutely wrong. Meticulous buyers are aware of how a strong scent could be an indicator of a pretentious cover-up. They would probably think that something fishy could be hiding under this artificial smell. 

If you find yourself in the same problematic situation, have your rooms cleaned and sanitised before you start diffusing the air with lemon, orange or apple scent. Other natural odours that will surely appeal to buyers are the smell of a brewing coffee or a rising cake in the oven.        

Your House Number (Surprise!) 

You may not be a believer of home numerology or anything explained by Chinese feng shui, but your potential buyers could be. It is believed that house numbers denote a bad or good omen. Just to make sure you’re not risking the price of your home because of such superstitions, calculate your house number by adding the total of your house number. Okay, let’s do the Math and say your home address is 67 Walters Street. Adding digits 6 and 7 will get you a sum of 13 and the total of 1 + 3 is 4. This number denotes good investment and security. But, since 13 is a universal unlucky number, it may also symbolise a bad omen for adventure. Sad to think that a simple number could lead to home depreciation, but still it is important to pay attention to small details like this before you put your home on the market.

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