Features and Advantages of Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Application

Lone Worker Safety App

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Saira Farman

If you have lone workers in your organization, do you know whether they are safe right now? If not, it is essential to implement a lone worker safety app to monitor, protect and help you trace your employees when working remotely from home or in isolation. The application can also monitor your workers as they meet with new customers in remote locations or traveling. Using the safety monitoring app, an organization can easily monitor and locate their employee, and at any time, there is an emergency so that they can resolve the situation on time. The safety monitoring applications are used any time with most common devices, as long as there is internet or satellite connectivity or cellular. Employers can avoid such situations if they use the employees monitoring software. The following are some of the features to consider when choosing a suitable lone worker monitoring app.

Practical Check-In Timers For The Lone Workers

The best application should let the workers to check-in when they are starting their shift. They should be able to clock in before the set time on the application expires. However, if the workers do not check in within that time, the application will raise the alarm until the safety of the particular employee is confirmed.

Easy To Use

Another essential feature that the safety monitoring application should include is continuous and easy communication. When alone workers check in or send an emergency signal, the application should include a text or a voice message. The information sent should easily indicate their location, any hazard, or what they are doing. Lone workers work in places where there are no colleagues or other people around them, and they are not in a position to call, or they are not allowed to do so, then workers are exposed because in case there is an emergency situation, they will be all alone. Employers can avoid such situations if they use the lone worker monitoring app. By doing so, they will ensure the moral and personal obligation and avoid the legal aspect by monitoring and making sure that their lone workers is safe. Lone workers are expected to handle their duties professionally and deliver even when the other workers are not around. Therefore it is only fair that the company considers and monitors their wellbeing.

Panic Button

This application offers an accessible panic button that the lone workers can press whenever there is an emergency. The application should have a motion feature that can be used with smartphones whereby lone workers can be called even when they cannot be able to. The best application should send prompt alerts in case of emergency situations so that effective and immediate responses can be affected. With just a simple shake of the phone, the alarm should be activated.

The lone worker safety app is the best option for employers to monitor and ensure that the lone workers will get the much needs help on time. They will get automatic alerts if the lone workers miss check-in or whenever is incapacitated. With just a simple shake of their smartphone, help will be activated.

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