The Gentleman’s Guide to Signet Rings

Signet Rings

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Signet rings are attractive fashion accessories for men. But what exactly are signet rings? How does one classify/identify a signet ring? In simple terms, rings with symbols, text, images or markings are called signet rings. These engravings are often representative of the culture or social status of the wearer. 

Called the gentleman’s ring, it has consistently been a bestseller in Australian jewellery stores for over a decade. Australian designers’ sensibility and style have lent mens’ signet ring a contemporary look. However, there is still a fair amount of ambiguity surrounding signet rings despite their popularity. Most people are unaware of its historical significance, manufacturing process and the appropriate method to wear them. 

Here’s an all-inclusive guide to signet rings and how men can use them to give off a stylish and classy vibe:

Different Kinds Of Signet Rings 

Signet rings are more than just fashion statements. They have been a practical accessory for men throughout time. These rings are often customised to be representative of the wearer. Men have an array of options to choose from for different parts of the ring, such as the metal, the bezel and the signet (the gemstone used) itself. Designs, shapes and sizes can be modified to suit the wearer.


The bezel comes in several shapes and sizes. Classic designs include the Oxford Oval, Octagon and Marquise. Square signets such as ‘Cushion’ were extremely popular in the Victorian era and remain popular today. The shape of the bezel plays a pivotal role in comfort and wearability. Bulkier styles like Oxford may not suit daily wear, while smaller ones like Marquise don’t present the bold statement intended. 


There are several bezel design options available to men. The most popular styles are Engraved, Embossed, Blank and Stamped. The advent of technology has enhanced the quality and appearance of these designs.


Jewellers utilise gemstones as a bezel surface in signet rings. Onyx, bloodstone, carnelian and lapis lazuli are some of the common gemstones in use today.

How Men Can Pull Off A Signet Ring

Men are known for taking limited risks for fashion accessories. Signet rings can be a powerful yet minimalistic addition to a man’s outfit if worn correctly. It provides men with a unique aesthetic that focuses on individuality and strength. 

Simple tips to improve the look of a mens’ signet ring include: 

Focusing on Balance

Men either tend to either restrict themselves or go overboard when it comes to signet rings. Experimenting with different sizes and styles is crucial to finding the right balance. Visual weight is a decisive factor as asymmetry in hands is preferred. A right-handed person generally prefers to wear a ring on their left hand. 

Choosing the right finger

Typically signet rings look the best when worn next to (or in place of) a wedding ring. The ring finger is the most popular choice amongst men. However, some are experimenting with the pinky (think Bruno Mars). Practices vary across cultures and traditions. In ancient Egypt and Roman civilisations, men preferred to wear these rings on their pinky fingers. It was easier to use them for the intended purpose (emboss wax to create a seal for identification/authentication.

Matching metal and skin tone

Cool skin tones are complemented by rings made of silver, titanium and platinum. Metals such as gold, rose-gold and brass work well with warmer skin tones. 

For further information regarding signet rings and how to wear them, click here. 

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