Few Christmas Home Security Tips You Should Know


Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Much like Halloween, Christmas is a notorious time of year for break-ins and burglaries. Homes are often empty during the holidays because people visit their loved ones. And also because the gift-giving season gives would-be burglars even more motivation to strike it lucky, properties are very much vulnerable during this time. But you shouldn’t worry too much because our list of must-haves for Christmas home security will give you the assurance you need to enjoy the season without worry.

As previously said, having all those pricey gifts lying around is more than enough to motivate burglars. If you have splurged enough on the gifts, don’t put pricey gifts under the tree a week before the big day. Transfer them to a safe hiding spot, like the attic or loft, if you have one, or the bottom of a closet. No matter how much your gifts are worth, it’s a good idea to keep them out of sight from windows because mystery packages, no matter what they contain, are always attractive to thieves. 

Do not hide the spare key

Avoid leaving a spare key outside your home, though slyly hidden under a plant pot or garden gnome. This should be the rule even if you’re concerned that you’ll lock yourself out. During this season, potential burglars often examine a property to identify any weak points, which may involve looking beneath and near everything that exists in the outdoors to find the hidden extra key. It’s much better to leave your extra key with a neighbor or friend so that they can help you if you happen to lock yourself out. 

Make arrangements with your neighbors

If you plan to travel over Christmas, and plan to leave that extra key, make sure to ensure an arrangement with your neighbor. A dark house with fast-food menus sticking out of the letterbox for days on end is the epitome of “We’re not home.” Having a neighbor stop by for a quick check in the evening will help to give the property a more lived-in appearance. It would discourage potential intruders. 


Although it might seem strange to include this recommendation in a home security checklist, there is a valid reason for it. You might invite the wrong kind of attention if your wheelie bin is overflowing with cardboard boxes on Boxing Day, giving a signal that you have all the pricey electronics that have been taken out of the packaging. Put your new 50″ TV and fancy headphones in the boot of your car and head to your neighborhood recycling/refuse point as soon as possible, rather than leaving the packaging outside. 

Double check your locks

Make sure your home’s locks are in good working order by thoroughly inspecting them. Make sure all doors and windows shut tightly and securely, and make sure you don’t leave keys in locks while you’re gone or for the night. 
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