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Finance Your Wedding Expenses

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Are you planning a destination wedding in Jaipur or planning a bachelorette in Bangalore? Or do you just want to plan a get-together with all your cousins and celebrate in Mussoorie? Is your cousin insisting on going all guns blazing and going to Bali for your bachelorette? It’s crazy to think that it is easy to turn your dreams into reality now. There is no perfect way to say goodbye to your single life than to celebrate it with a bang with your gang without breaking the bank. So, if you are worried about how to finance your wedding expenses, don’t be. A personal loan can help you realize your dreams of sipping coconut water in an infinity pool in Bali or going on a cruise in Singapore. When you apply for a personal loan, you get instant cash, quick assistance, and a financial cushion for any unexpected wedding expenses that come your way without breaking your bank or dipping into your hard-earned savings.

Every family in India has seen a difficult situation in the last 2 years owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Celebrating and planning for your wedding this year calls for an extravaganza to put the past gory past behind us. 

Why apply for a personal loan for your wedding?

A personal loan is a multipurpose loan that can be used for a wide range of purposes – wedding expenses are one of them.

There are multiple advantages of availing a personal loan to finance your wedding expenses

  • Fast funding: If you have just decided that you don’t want to dip into your savings or fixed deposits to finance your wedding, applying for a personal loan is your best financial partner as you can get the funds in your account instantly.
  • Credit score. Paying back personal loan amounts will help you build your credit score, which can in turn help you get future loans on your first home and car together easily, at low-interest rates.
  • Lump sum money: With a personal loan, you can get a lump sum amount which will make you stick to your wedding budget.
  • 100% digital application process: You can apply for a personal loanonline with premium banks like IndusInd Bank and get the funds quickly since they have a 100% online application process. The online application process fastens the approval process for an instant personal loan.
  • No paperwork: You don’t need to submit any paperwork to apply for a personal loan. All you need is to submit your PAN card and Aadhaar card details online.
  • Flexible amount: Whatever your budget is, you can get a personal loan amount for a wide range. For instance, with IndusInd Bank, you can apply for an instant personal loan for an amount as low as INR 30,000 or as high as INR 5L with a flexible repayment tenure.

You can also use a personal loan EMI calculator to evaluate the monthly payments you will need to make to repay the loan amount as per your affordability. So, jump on the chance to turn your dream wedding into a reality with a personal loan.

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