Food and Beverage Pairings That You Should Try

Food and Beverage Pairings

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Everyone is quite aware of the popular pairing of cheese with wine. When you are hosting a party and have a list of cocktail lovers, you may want to know what will go best with a margarita or old-fashioned. Other than this favorite food and beverage pairings, many food and beverage pairings combos are a must-try.

Whiskey Sour With Salad:

A whiskey sour has sugar, citrus, and spirit as its main ingredients have a sweet-sour taste. Egg white is added on top for a cocktail foamer. You can choose to avoid the egg white on top. According to food and beverage experts, whiskey sour tastes best with salads. You can serve any kind of salad. Fresh fruit and vegetable salad, pasta salad with a hint of mayo, Chickpea salad, or a ready-made salad from restaurants.

2. Gin Gimlet With Sushi:

Got sushi lovers in the house? Serve gin gimlet with sushi. The notes of citrus, sugar, and gin will enhance the salty and wasabi flavors of Sushi. You can prepare sushi with raw vegetables as well if you have vegetarians coming for the party. Garnish the drink with slices of fresh lime.

3. Bloody Mary/Club Soda with Shrimp/Oysters:

Bloody Mary and club soda will work best with tomato-flavored shrimp/oysters. Start with drinking the bloody mary, then sip club soda, and take a bite of shrimp or oyster. If not shrimp or oyster you can serve it with any dish having a tomato flavor like red sauce pasta, spicy tomatoes, tomato, basil bruschetta, parmesan tomato chips, mushroom, and tomato snack.

4. Margaritas with grilled food:

Margaritas have a sweet note that will balance out the spicy and salty taste of grilled food like hot dogs, burgers, paneer tikka, grilled chicken, and grilled burgers. Think of it as the opposite attracts each other.

5. Single Malt Scotch with Ice/Cream Dessert:

Food connoisseurs love pairing single malt scotch with vanilla ice cream or other desserts such as chocolate or coffee cake or an ice cream sandwich. The sweet finish of the scotch will greatly bring out the flavors of frozen ice cream and cakes. You can avail of online cake delivery in Gurgaon of a chocolate cake. If you do not have scotch at hand, you can substitute it with Irish whiskey.

6. Champagne with Fried Food:

Champagne and fried food are a match made in heaven. You can have a champagne-based cocktail with bourbon to elevate the taste and cut the fat. You can go with fried food of your choice, fries, rings, chicken, fritters, etc.

7. A gin and tonic with Indian Food:

A true Indian by heart? Pair gin and tonic with Indian food. Gin has herbs and spices, and so does your Indian food. The spirit found in the drink subtly emphasizes the flavors. Gin will also soften the spices and flavor of the dish. Paneer rice, chicken, garlic naan with cooked vegetables, or any of your favorite Indian dishes can be chosen.

8. Highball with Chillies:

The beer tastes good with chilies, but highball is bubblier than beer, so we decided to go with it. Highball will brighten the flavors of chilies without overdoing it. You can make a chili bowl or any spicy dish with a lot of chilies in it.

9. Mezcal with Chicken Burger:

Mezcal, a Mexican drink with hamburger, is a winning combination. The salty and savory notes of the burger will go well with this Mexican drink’s slightly smoky notes. Sip your drink first, and then take a bite of the burger to experience the magic.

You are all prepped up to be the great host of a party!

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