5 Smart Home Gadgets that can help you fight the Flu

5 Smart Home Gadgets that can help you fight the Flu

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Flu season is never enjoyable. A nasty case of the Flu may leave you bedridden for weeks and make you feel awful. But, on the bright side. There are various smart home gadgets like Alexa coffee maker, dust filter, smart thermostat that may assist you in fighting the Flu. 

5 Smart Home Gadgets that can help you fight the Flu

Some smart home products can assist you in avoiding or fighting the Flu. We have sorted out seven gadgets. A brief overview of each gadget is given below. 

Alexa Smart coffee maker

The smart coffee maker can function with voice commands or applications, allowing you to use it remotely. If you have an illness and don’t know when you can get out of bed, or if you want to prepare hot water but don’t want to leave the sofa, this is a terrific advantage.

A variety of smart coffee makers are available in the market. Among them, Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is the best option. It may be scheduled from anywhere using Alexa voice commands and the Alexa app. 

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat from Google is cheaper than ever before, yet it still has the greatest thermostat features available. You can quickly control the temperature straight from the app, so you may increase or drop it based on whether you’re experiencing chills or a fever. 

The advanced sensors may also detect stumbling or sleeplessness in the middle of the night and activate the heating system to keep you warm. Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat is the best alternative. If you are ready to spend a little extra, you may have additional comfort options that are simple to configure.

Smart Water Bottle 

According to any doctor, drinking enough water is one of the most critical aspects of battling the Flu. This HidrateSpark bottle might assist you if you have trouble staying motivated. Its glistening foundation isn’t just for show. 

The LED lights and sensors will begin to glow when it’s time to sip your next drink, ensuring that you’re well hydrated. The rechargeable battery is housed in a shatterproof plastic container, and you may use a compatible app to monitor water consumption over many days as required. Finally, the dishwasher compatibility make it easy to clean.

Dyson Smart Humidifier 

The humidifier can add water vapor to the air at its most basic level. While fighting the Flu, this is quite beneficial. The air in the home tends to be dry during winter, exacerbating lung and nose symptoms and delaying recovery. It can be controlled by using a humidifier that provides moisture to the air. 

Particularly, the smart humidifier can do more to improve your air quality. Dyson’s AM10 model is a great example. The common humidifier features spray moisturizing air and send the mist far out, allowing you to operate in a bigger space. 

On the other hand, Dyson employs a UV filter to eliminate any microorganisms in the humidifier. It is important if you don’t want others to get sick. Besides, it is also very quiet, allowing you to sleep well. Are if you are unsure how clean the air in your home is? Dyson’s device can also detect changes in humidity and temperature, alerting you when conditions are too dry.

Honeywell Air Purifier 

A humidifier’s primary job is to add moisture to the air to make it more comfortable. Some have filters, but their primary function is not to clean. On the other hand, air purifiers are designed to keep the air pure. 

It may not only remove infectious particles like viruses from the air, but it can also remove allergens and dust that tend to collect over the winter when the home is closed off from the outside. 

Some models additionally assist in the removal of smells from the air as well as the monitoring of dangerous particles such as volatile organic compounds. This Honeywell model is made for big spaces. It has four distinct settings, depending on what you’re trying to get rid of, such as germs, allergies, or ordinary dirt. 

It also removes smells such as smoke and food. If you have a mild case of the Flu and wish to prevent triggering, this is crucial. Remember that the cleaner’s filters must be updated regularly to work correctly.

The Bottom Line

Flu is unavoidable in winter. However, some smart home gadgets can help you fight the Flu. The article above provides you with an overview of seven such gadgets. Also, check out how smart home devices can reduce carbon footprint