Girl’s Scholarships: Closing the Gender Gap Through

Girl's Scholarships

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For centuries, women have fought to have a greater share in the educational sphere. A little review of history would tell us that this inequality has started in ancient times. Women were viewed as biologically inferior and were given less opportunity in many things, particularly in education. Those who got a sort of education were focused on social roles, proper behaviour, and anything that would make them an asset in the family or a better wife. The responsibility of bearing and raising children rested entirely on their shoulders. Many of these social factors have always served as a roadblock for women to reach their full potential, even in modern times when institutions and foundations are providing girl’s scholarships for better education and employment opportunities.

Statistics on Inequality

While one may think that society has come a long way from the severity of gender discrimination, there is still a lot that needs to be addressed. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the gender pay gap between men and women is 14%. Managerial positions are twice as likely to be given to men, and the list goes on. Given these statistics, it is still apparent that women are still treated less than men and given less salary and benefits. More women suffer from poverty as well. There are still barriers that need to be shattered for women to fully have an equal position in society.

Solution Through Scholarships

One of the solutions to address this is through scholarship programs. According to studies, there is a direct link between women’s education to the alleviation of poverty.

Poverty, being one of the barriers that prevent women from attaining their highest possible potential, can be lessened through education. It is a vicious cycle of girls not having access to education due to poverty and it being the solution and the way out of it. If younger girls would be given a chance to receive a good education, it could increase their chances of securing higher positions in the workforce. Many girl’s scholarships, especially those with a holistic approach, help ensure the students’ success in securing a brighter future for them. It not only answers the problem of school tuition fees but provides extensive support to the students through gadget support, allowances, coaches, and teachers. It helps girls in lower socio-economic and disadvantaged background have a shot at an equal playing field.


A testimony from one of the girls who qualified to have a scholarship presented that being given a laptop and monetary support throughout the whole academic year helped her greatly. She was able to write and submit assignments on time, had a great support system through the academic mentor provided by the program, buy uniforms, and have a generally positive attitude on schooling. Online tutoring and internet costs were also covered in the girl’s scholarship that she was able to avail. Today, she has gotten into a good program in an esteemed university and is geared toward greater achievements. She is just one of many girls who have benefited immensely from qualifying for scholarships. This is solid proof that not only are the girls provided with tools but they are also presented with a direct track to better tertiary education and further studies.

Paving the way for young girls to receive a good education makes a huge difference in what women represent in society. It levels the playing field in the workplace, helps them achieve their full potential, and most importantly, elevates their lives.

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