Going to Porto? Try out these meals

Going to Porto? Try out these meals

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The food in Portugal is one of its best features, and there’s no better place to experience it than Porto. The coastal city of Porto ranks as one of the largest cities in Europe, and the second largest in Portugal, only after Lisbon, and its historical, climatic, and present-day influence on the city cannot be taken lightly. Two unique features of this town are; the Duoro River that cuts through the city and the long ridge almost reaching the city inland; this diversified natural terrain produces wonderful produce for cooks and is better experienced than heard of.

Visitors to the port city of Porto will not want delicious food. Although closely followed by food made in Portugal’s southernmost part, Porto’s meals are bolder, spicier, and more filling. Tourists can enjoy a wide range and abundance in both classic dishes and newer innovations by locals; all washed down with wine from grapes grown right there on display outside your hotel door. Let’s see some of the amazing meals Porto has to offer before you decide to take an exotic trip there and book your hotel with Karta.com.


The entrée, widely recognized as the most important of all sandwiches, was created in Porto by immigrants from France with a long history of working there. Porto natives are responsible for the abundance of ingredients in the Francesinha; yet, despite their fondness for hearty meals, they have tweaked a few things just enough to keep your stomach from turning too much (or at least not without sounding like a total food Casanova).

Tripas à Moda do Porto (beef stomach)

This dish has been around since popular Henry the Navigator prepared his ships to conquer the small town of Ceuta in 1415 and requested supplies from locals. They gave him only one thing – tripe, which became known as ‘tripeiros’ or “those who eat this type of meat” because all that remained after dinner was just enough for them! The name stuck even though today we typically use other cuts like veal shanks (which are also delicious), peppercorns & bay leaf inside our meal when served with rice.

Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is a delicious way to stay warm in the cold. This meal, which translates to “green broth,” was first observed in the Minho province of far northern Portugal. To make a caldo meal, you’ll need potatoes, olive oil, and collard greens, and then some salt and a handful of garlic cloves, depending on your preferences! You may also add onion if wanted, but not too much because it will increase the dish’s flavor when properly cooked, so don’t forget about these simple additions throughout the preparation period. This hot dish normally comes with various side dishes, including a paio breaded meat dish, which is usually beef tongue and is cooked with your vegetables.

Portuguese Paste

If you’re looking to spice up your next meal, look no further than this exciting dish. Papas de sarrabulho (Portuguese paste) is made of blood sausages, and other tasty ingredients such as pork or chicken with lemon juice squeezed into them before serving – it’s one way that these meals have been enjoyed since ancient times! This recipe can be served hot in a soup bowl alongside bread cut into bits for sopping.

Polvo Com Molho Verde

Suppose you want to enjoy a delicious seafood delicacy while soaking in the sun, head over to Matosinhos and try an octopus salad. This lovely summertime meal is made up of boiled baby octopuses graced with olive oil and lemon juice before being finely chopped on top of some fresh parsley for garnish—the perfect bite when enjoying your day at sea!

To find these tasty treats around town or if they’re available near where you live, check out restaurants that specialize only in fish & shellfish dishes like ‘Oliveira do Zezinho,’ which has locations all across Portugal but also offers online ordering so international travelers can get their fix too.

Sardinhas assadas

Portuguese cuisine is rich with deep connections to the sea. One of its most popular dishes, sardinhas assadas (grilled fish), takes its flavors from Portugal’s fishing history and reliance on seafood for survival during hard times in centuries pasta taste that still lives today! The dish typically starts out as cleaned filets that have been seasoned only with coarse salt before being cooked over hot coals for about 10 minutes each side – giving them an oily sheen like no other but not forgetting those signature flavors only found within these freshness meats.


Bacalhau is a type of dried and salted cod that’s been present  in Portugal’s history for centuries. The amazing dish is most commonly served as an appetizer or starter before more formal meals with family members; you can get skilled with it and prepare it similarly to how one might make french fries – just without the salt!

Bacalhau should be enjoyed hot when its crunchy exterior and mild interior are still present. It is often served as an appetizer or snack. Still, it can also function similarly to main dishes involving rice with salad bar selection alongside salty olives that seem perfect for dipping into this tasty dish! The name bacalao has been associated with Portuguese-speaking countries such Central & Southern Africa, namely Angola, CapeVerde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, SãoTomé & Príncipe, among others.

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