5 great small business packaging ideas to help you stand out


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

Running a small business isn’t easy, and when you have lots of competition, particularly locally, it can be even harder. That is why making your company stand out even in the smallest of ways can set you apart from the competition and give you a bit of an edge.

There are many ways to do this, one of which is through your packaging choices. Here are 5 great small business packaging ideas to help you stand out.

Eye-catching colors and patterns

Printing methods are fairly sophisticated these days, so if you have had enough of boring brown packaging, why not switch to something a little more fun? Envelopes, packaging boxes, and bags come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are a great way to help you get noticed and become a little more memorable.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is not, of course, essential in terms of packaging, but it can help your business look more professional. Tissue paper comes in many sizes and thicknesses, and – if your budget allows – you can even have your company name and logo printed on it.

If you can’t afford personalized tissue paper, but you like the idea of it, you can always buy a self-inking stamp and make your own!

Printed ribbon

Printed ribbon is another clever way to make your wrapping choices a little bit more unique. A ribbon printing machine from Brother USA is all you need to create personalized ribbon and washi tape. Why not help to increase your brand recognition by printing with your company name or website? Or you could always offer a gift wrapping add-on and include personalized messages on the ribbon instead. It’s a great way to stand out from the competition, and you can generate a bit of extra income too!

Scratch cards

A fun and unique way to make your packaging a talking point is to include a scratch card with every order. The customer rubs off the scratch panel on their card to reveal a prize. The prize can be anything from a small discount code or a free gift with their next order. Repeat business is hugely important for every small business, so you must do whatever you can to secure it.

Recycled packaging

The environment is something we should all be more conscious of, and so as a business owner, you may want to bear this in mind when making packaging choices. Even if you use custom-made boxes, recycled packaging is widely available, so try to opt for this whenever possible. Eco-friendly ink, water-activated tape, and plant-based packing pellets are other greener alternatives that you may also want to consider as your business grows.

Many eco-conscious customers prefer to buy from businesses that use second-hand packaging to send their orders, so you may want to consider adding this as a shipping option to your website. It may not look professional or be aesthetically pleasing, but it will let customers know that you are a forward-thinking business keen to do what you can to help the environment.

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