GreekDaGod to Galaxy Greek, The run down behind the music

GreekDaGod to Galaxy Greek, The run down behind the music

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With over 1 million streams, Greekdagod also known as Galaxy Greek is a Brooklyn rapper, super producer, and songwriter. Has a label called Kingkillers Ent Division of (Creating Music Forever). Greek has a unique sound that stands out. Known for his Golden Gun mixtapes 1, 2 & 3 with a dynamic style. With his diverse approach to his music, you can’t be surprised how refreshing his music is when it comes out. Greek works with industry artists/producers & songwriters affiliated with Janet Jackson, Lil Uzi, Britney Spears, JLo, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Christina Milian, and many more.

Greek’s sound is all-encompassing, providing a unique atmosphere that compliments his strong lyrical style. 2013 was the beginning of his collaboration with different artists. Greek released two tracks, one called “Shine” featuring Joanna Quintin and another one called “It Was All A Dream.” Both tracks were produced by iillmind, from the Golden Gun 3 Mixtape series.

His mom and dad were born in Haiti. Greek is an amazing producer, designer, and recording artist. He received FL STUDIO, his first music program in 2008. But with family issues and doubt he never pursued his music dream to the fullest, until mid-September of 2012.

Why did they call him Greek? He said it’s not fun being like everyone else with the same common names so Greek fit him the best. Greek says: “As much as some people doubt and don’t believe in Greek mythology. I feel that people doubt me too.” Too many people questioned his dreams and told him it was impossible to do. Greek, however, does not believe in the word can’t.

So he founded Kingkillers Ent in 2012, around about the same time that he named himself Greek god. However, after going to a few events in NYC and talking to different people, they agreed that “GreekdaGod” was a more suitable name. At the beginning of 2013, Greek dropped 8 instrumental mixtapes, and well as “Hottest in Da Street” and the “Golden Gun 2” mixtapes.

“My goal is to make music that people can ride to, laugh to, and sing to. Let people know it’s ok to be yourself that’s what makes you human. Until then watch me work,” says GreekdaGod.

Now Greek has released “It Was All A Dream” from his upcoming mixtape, The Golden Gun 3. And straight off he has one of the best intros I have heard in a rap song this year. Exotically eastern and fleetingly operatic and world-music-induced, at the same time, “It Was All A Dream” rolls in on a luscious backdrop before GreekdaGod sets the verses on fire with lyrical delivery.

Not only has GreekdaGod’s songwriting, productions, and flow improved since his previous releases, but his content is also becoming a major factor in his repertoire. The production on this single is extremely creative and that’s no exaggeration. This specific track was produced by !llmind ( with Additional Instrumentation By Hippie Sabotage & Khadisma ). He uses a really sophisticated sound, mixed with some organic and ‘disturbing’ sound effects to make sure you pay attention to his tracks all the way through. Included, is the memorable and historic speech by Martin Luther King. The original name of the track was He’s Against Me. In fact, there is also a video of the same name directed by Aris Jerome.

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