Here’s Why Your Earbuds Need AI

Earbuds Need AI

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Earbuds are a welcome addition to anyone who listens to music on the go. They allow the wearer to enjoy their tunes and perform their everyday activities. True wireless earbuds were a revolution on their own, untangling the user from various cables and allowing for seamless operation and function. Noise suppression was another breakthrough, keeping the user almost unaware of what is going on around them. However, new designs might just be too advanced for their own good. That’s why leading earbud design teams like those at xFyro have incorporated technology into their latest products as earbuds need AI.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

We all enjoy peace and quiet. It can be a welcome change of pace in a world filled with background noises, especially in heavily populated urban environments. However, too much silence can be a bad thing, leaving people isolated and out of touch with their surroundings. AI-based systems aim to rectify the negative effects of too much noise suppression in modern earbud designs.

The earbuds can detect and isolate specific noises (which the user would typically hear while not wearing the buds). Then, the AI sorts all incoming sounds into crucial and non-crucial categories. The non-crucial sounds include meaningless background chatter across the street, faraway traffic, idle sounds coming from the environment. All the things people can do without on their ride to work or exercise routine. These noises can be filtered out through the active noise suppression system.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

If it detects a noise deemed urgent, it will play it to the user, bypassing the noise canceling system and lowering the volume of the music in the process. Critical sounds could be emergency vehicle sirens, oncoming traffic, important alerts from user’s devices, or direct conversation. Showcasing all vital sounds to the wearer allows them to be an active part of the environment and partake in conversation, keeping them in touch with others, even if indirectly. The users can also get the best of both worlds, enjoying their favorite songs while being aware of the surroundings.

With the AI filtering unnecessary noise from important alerts, wearers are free to enjoy their day without worrying about missing a beat (pun intended). Those who prefer more silence or want to stay tuned into the environment at all times can turn off the AI or disable the ANC system altogether. Adaptability is just another benefit of using smart solutions for everyday gadgets, turning them into multifunctional pieces that respond to the user’s needs.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

The AI detection works via machine learning, listening to new sounds and comparing them to existing entries in the system’s database. The ANC Pros have a library with over 6,000 urgent and unimportant sounds. It gives AI an excellent head start when learning the user’s surroundings and what sounds to push through the noise suppression system.

These smart earbuds also connect to a different type of AI. The system uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to applicable mobile devices, allowing the carrying case to become a connectivity hub. Using the onboard microphone, users can interact with their favorite AI assistant, Siri or Google Assistant, without touching their smartphones.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

While AI is revolutionizing wearables, earbuds also need to maintain a high overall build and sound quality. These are the primary things most users look for in new items. That’s why xFyro spared no expense in getting some of the best technical specifications and materials. One of the key innovations is using graphene-based sound drivers. Graphene is a nanomaterial that conducts vibrations (i.e., sound) extremely well and also doesn’t degrade over time, making it the perfect conduit.

Battery life is also crucial in the modern world. The push towards mobility means gadgets need to last a long time untethered from charging ports. Luckily, the ANC Pros already have these trends in mind. The batteries inside the buds can last up to 10 hours, depending on what features the wearer uses. But expect multiple hours of playtime even while blasting music with the AI running in the background. The portable charging and carrying case holds enough power to run the earbuds another 90 hours, filling them up in just 15 minutes. Users have minimal downtime with modern devices, allowing them to stay connected to their favorite gadgets without lugging cables around.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

xFyro is also known for their durable designs. The ANC Pro earbuds aren’t entirely waterproof like the product they delivered a few years ago. However, they are well protected against most weather patterns and sealed to prevent dust intrusion. This means that music lovers can take them to the sandy beaches, if they should refrain from using them while swimming or diving. Regardless of the surroundings, new earbuds are made for the challenge, and the AI can helpfully point towards incoming danger.

Here's why your earbuds need AI technology - Readesh

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