5 Simple Ways To Start Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home

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Perhaps you’re reading through this, as, after staying home for so long, you’ve now veered into the idea of living a simpler life, with less things. Perhaps it’s the clutter of having so many things that are making you change your mind. And just the whole process of dealing with the mess every single day. But there’s one thing that holding you back and stressing you so much: the prospect of decluttering your home or what you have.

The more items you’ve collected and kept, the harder it is to declutter. You might not even know where and how to start. But you don’t always have to feel overwhelmed. There are simple ways to start with decluttering, so it doesn’t have to be a daunting task to accomplish. In fact, as soon as you get the decluttering over with, perhaps you even realize it to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

To start with, this article gives you some of the simple ways to begin decluttering your home.

1. Schedule A Regular Rubbish Collection

Having a regular rubbish collection scheduled from samedayrubbishremovalmelbourne.com.au, among other trusted companies in your local area, is something you definitely have to consider for your home. Don’t take that for granted. Once you start decluttering, you’ll find your bins piling up way faster than you want them to. The last thing you’ll want is to have a clean interior after purging each room, only to have those items piling up by your bins, as they aren’t properly collected yet.

In fact, even when you’re done with your rubbish purge, you should still have the rubbish collection company come in regularly to properly collect and dispose of your daily trash. By doing so, you’re certain to have a clean and well-maintained home all the time.

2. Organize The Bathroom

One of the most neglected areas in any home can easily be the bathroom. And if you open up your bathroom drawers today, you’ll realize there’s a lot of truth to this. Your bathroom may be piling up with products, some of which may have long been expired. All the more this is true if you have young children in your home. The products and bathroom mess, including all the bath toys and whatnot, will surely pile up.

Go through each bathroom, and one drawer or cabinet at a time. If there’s anything that’s already expired, toss them out. Once you’ve gotten clear of those products, you can now begin with an organizational system that works in your bathroom. For instance, you may want to organize each cabinet with bins and drawer dividers, so everything isn’t just in a big pile of mess.

3. Give Yourself A Few Minutes Daily To Declutter

After you’ve done the major declutter in your home, perhaps you realize how exhausting it may have been, and how you’ll never want to go through that process again. This is totally understandable and acceptable as it can get exhausting. So, a simple solution to avoid that situation from happening again is to give yourself a few minutes, at least five to ten minutes, every single day, to run through your home and declutter or organize.

When you have this kind of habit, you can avoid hoarding products you no longer need, or no longer using. Most importantly, doing so enables you to keep up with a clean and clutter-free home. You can start with your kitchen pantry because this could be the messiest area in your home.

4. Designate A Box For Incoming Papers

Even with a paperless billing system, it’s inevitable to still have incoming papers and files for bills you have to cover, or other important mail you’ll be receiving. To avoid all the documents, mail, and paper from piling up all over your space, have a designated box for all of them.

This simply means having a small basket or nice-looking box where you can put in all the unread documents. In that way, the documents aren’t just spread out all over the place, making your table look cluttered and messy.

5. Fill An Entire Trash Bag

If there’s a timely way to declutter, a trick you can practice is to go all-around your home, bringing with you one big trash bag. Then, what you can do is fill up the trash bag with items you’re no longer using. Think broken toys, broken tools, unnecessary pieces of paper and documents, or whatever it is you know you already have to dispose of.

When you do this monthly, you can significantly reduce the amount of clutter your home has, especially when the items aren’t useful anymore anyway.


Start Decluttering Your Home
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If you’ve long been struggling with ideas on how to get started with decluttering, the tips above may be simple, but they’re certainly workable to enable you to achieve that goal. As you can see, decluttering doesn’t have to feel like such an overwhelming load to accomplish. You can do so much, even in simple ways.

In fact, the tips above can make decluttering a pursuit you’ll find quite enjoyable. All that’s left for you to do is to get these tips into action. And finally, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel: a clean and clutter-free home.

Sage Cameron

Sage Cameron is a professional home organizer. If she’s not busy with transforming her clients’ homes, she shares her expertise through blogging. She believes that a clean home is an ingredient to a pleasant and happy household. She’s been in the industry for eight years now and shares her own clean home with her husband, her two sons, and three dogs.

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