How to Find the Right Lender for First Time Home Purchase?

First-time home buyer Richmond Hill

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Congratulations! You have decided to buy a home. But can you afford it with self-help? If not, you need to go for a mortgage. To get a mortgage for home buyers one of the most daunting tasks in your life. Of course, there is risk and pressure involved. But, with the assistance of an independent mortgage broker, you can surely reduce a part of this burden.

Choosing the right lender is quite tough for the First-time home buyer Richmond Hill. Here in the below article, all the processes are mentioned about finding the best lender.

Get your credit report before further Proceeding

Don’t do any mistake as others do. Most first-time home buyers do such mistake without bothering to understand how much money they can afford to spend for buying their home. They buy the property without thinking once. The buyers should concern about their budget and funds in hand along with the credit score and history. They shouldn’t forget if their credit score appears low, the monthly payment will be bigger than normal and the potential of rejection will be high.

If you qualify for lower interest rates of mortgage, ask your mortgage broker which lenders or bank will be suitable fit that meet your income and budget as first-time home buyers.

Prioritize the best lender with the best rate available to you

A mortgage lender provides finance for purchasing a home for you. A lender will review your financial condition and ability to repay the loan amount. After evaluating all these, the lender can only provide you available loan options with interest rates and terms.

As the first-time home buyer, people look for the lowest interest rate with good loan terms. To find the lowest interest rate is critical but the lender choice hugely impacts mortgage experience. As an experience, if you are considering a $250000 loan with 30 years fixed mortgage rate, then at least 1 percent of the difference in interest rate can cause the difference of a minimum of $53,466 in interest over the time of your mortgage.

Shortlist your loan with comparison

If you are unable to qualify for first-time home buyers’ program, don’t get upset. You will definitely get few potential lenders who works for first-time home buyers. For that you have to pay 20 percent down payment as based on your overall financial status.

Choose the right type of mortgage lender

You can find many options for lending like local banks, credit unions, and online mortgage lenders. Different types of mortgage lenders are described here.

Local bank

These smaller mortgage lenders offer the same array of loans just like the larger bank. With local banks, you can enjoy familiar and one to one experience. The local loan underwriter can remain at your point of contact throughout the lending process.

Big banks

The National banks or Big banks make a large number of mortgages for First-time home buyer Richmond Hill throughout the year. With mortgages from big banks, you can be confident that you are dealing with a credible institution with a competitive interest rate.


Online mortgage lenders offer both convenience and lower interest rates. These lenders are also available to pass on the savings. The online mortgage lenders lack the in-person support that many first time home buyers crave for. If you think yourself as a savvy person, then working through this fine print on your own, can be an option for you.

Credit unions

Credit unions offer lower mortgage rates than other commercial lenders. Credit unions are more conservative than others. Credit unions offer lower mortgage rates because they keep the loan in their portfolio rather than selling them. To avail loans from credit unions, you need to be a member of a homeowner association member, church members school employees or to live in any specific geographic location.

Get recommendations from trusted sources

Reaching to the experienced lenders in the industry needs recommendations from others. But make sure that recommendation is trusted. Try to get a recommendation from someone who already has borrowed from that specific lender. Your family and friends will want to recommend you the best one. But in reality, you should check their background.

Compare the lenders based on the criteria that you think is important

When you have completed these above-mentioned steps, now start to look at your criteria. It will help you to avoid more costly and making mistakes in the way of first-time home buyers. During the above-mentioned steps, you have selected some lenders. Now compare them as per your criteria, terms, conditions, and rates or anything else that is new in your home buying situation as First-time home buyer Richmond Hill. You got the steps to find the perfect lender. Now follow all these and enjoy a hassle-free mortgage loan for your new home.

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