Water Purifier It’s Functioning And Uses

Water Purifier It’s Functioning And Uses

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The only thing in the universe, which we believe is present in a liquid state on our planet. It is the building block of life on our planet. Without water, no life form from simple to complicated could have developed on our planet earth. Two third of our planet is surrounded by water, but most of it is the ocean. The ocean water is saline and rich in minerals. But it is not suited for us humans to drink. The amount of freshwater available among the total water is around 8 percent, of which 4 percent is locked in the glaciers. The rest is in the form of rivers, ponds, lakes, and groundwater. This is the only water at our disposal that not only humans but all the bigger and smaller species on earth depend. The concern is that this is depleting at a rapid speed, and we cannot afford to waste a single drop of freshwater anymore. The villages in flourida have hard water, so it needs to be treated well to make it consumable.

The reason for this is the pollution of our natural water resources and greenhouse effects. Since most of the water in these resources are polluted, we cannot afford to waste them. Instead, humans over the period have developed technology to purify water, recycle water, and water conservation. This has helped us utilize every single source of water available at our disposal without wasting a single drop. We have learned the way to purify water from its natural resource to make it fit for drinking. Then recycle wastewater to use for all other purposes like cleaning, sanitation, and industrial usage.

Filtration Techniques And Steps

Let us now try and learn water purification techniques and steps. There are multiple types of filtration techniques. Using these techniques, we have various types of water purifiers, from simple membrane based charcoal filters to modern Reverse osmosis and UV radiation ones. We have come a long way. The earlier motive was to remove suspended particles and harmful visible microbes from water to make it potable. With modern filtration techniques, we can remove all sorts of virus, bacteria, and all the toxic chemicals that otherwise would have been impossible to extract.

There are more advanced techniques as well, which are used to soften water further. In this process, the hardness of water or insolubility of water is removed. These are the water softener techniques. The most well-known method is the ion exchange method. Another method is by using Ethylenediaminetetraacetic. Once this step is complete, water is passed from UV light to kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

Which Water Purifier To Choose?

Water purifiers are available for home, office, and industries. There sizes and capabilities can vary depending on the need and scope. As an end-user, one needs to decide their requirements and narrow down the type of water purifier they need. This is based on the budget as well. At this juncture, one needs to indulge in a bit of research work. This is around the water quality in the locality, its TDS levels. Then to decide what type and technology of water filter are best suited for the purpose. After that, one needs to do a bit of market research. All the options available should be checked and which are more predominant should be found out. Not only analyze the product on its goodwill and quality but also the after-sales services of the brand. Water purifiers are maintenance hungry products so we should be cautious about that too.

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Since everyone is entitled to have clean drinking water, when we purchase a water purifier, we must not compromise with our family and customers’ health.