High Definition Liposuction Price


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How much does high-definition liposuction cost? The length and cost of high-definition liposuction are two factors that determine the price.

The length of surgery can be affected by many factors, including

  • Patient size or BMI
  • The number of areas you would like to have liposuction performed
  • If abdominal etching is required,
  • History of liposuction, cool-sculpting, or gastric bypass.

High Definition Liposuction Cost

Patient BMI (body mass index) is a great way to determine the size of a patient. The patient’s height and weight are used to calculate the body mass index. BMI is a universal measurement that measures the patient’s overall size.

Your time to perform high-definition liposuction depends on the size of your patient and BMI. It is obvious that larger areas of fat that need to be removed will take longer.

Desired areas for liposuction

The time it takes to perform liposuction in several areas will directly impact the amount of time needed. Body contouring and high-definition liposuction are more effective at treating all areas. These all-inclusive areas include the abdomen, armpits, arms, lower back, and flanks. Not all patients require treatment in every area. The cost of high-definition body contouring will be affected by the number of areas treated.

Abdominal Etching

It is important to distinguish abdominal liposuction from abdominal etching. While abdominal liposuction can remove all the deep fat uniformly, abdominal liposuction must be differentiated. It requires the removal of only superficial fat in order to create muscle highlights. External fat removal requires additional skills and additional surgery time. It is therefore understandable that abdominal etching may have a higher cost for high-definition liposuction.

Previous liposuction

Your high-definition liposuction price will be affected by your history of liposuction. The complexity of liposuction on soft tissue that has been previously treated with liposuction makes it more difficult than for patients who have not had the procedure. Liposuction can cause severe scarring to the smooth tissue plane.

Scarring of soft tissues is not an issue for us. We use ultrasound-assisted liposuction to remove all residual fat and scar tissue. Although liposuction for scar tissue feels like concrete, it takes 50% more time than for virgin areas.

History and cool sculpting

There is a history of excellent sculpting results using soft tissue beds. These beds are more scarred than the previous liposuction. These areas make liposuction difficult and require ultrasound-assisted liposuction to remove fat. To remove fat, ultrasound-assisted liposuction must increase the VASER machine’s power from 70% to 80%.

The history of gastric bypass and huge weight loss

A history of gastric bypass, followed by massive weight loss, can lead to a more complicated surgical plan that often requires multiple areas to be surgically extricated. These areas could include the breasts and arms, as well as the lower back and buttocks, upper back, medial thighs, and lower back. These patients may need liposuction to smoothen contour lines and joins between different areas. This will add to the time needed to fix all surgical excision lines. Patients undergoing gastric bypass usually have a low level of blood count.

Gastric bypass patients might need two surgeries if their blood counts are not in order. This will naturally increase the cost of high-definition liposuction.

High Definition Liposuction Price Conclusion

The cost of high-definition liposuction is affected by many factors. These factors ultimately impact the duration of your surgery. After a thorough consultation from https://www.tampaliposuction.com, you will be able to determine your personal high-definition cost for liposuction.

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