How do Hollywood stars stay fresh-faced and fabulous?

Hollywood stars

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Have you ever looked at your favorite Hollywood stars and wondered how they look all fresh and fabulous at all times? They too are humans and vulnerable to skin problems and ageing. So, what is their secret to a never-ending youth and flawlessness? First thing, these celebrities are blessed with the best makeup artists and products. Also, they have access to the best skin care solutions and expert dermatologists to guide them right. But, can you get celebrity-like skin that makes others envy you? Well, yes you can but it demands a lot of determination as well as an understanding of the secrets of Hollywood stars.

Ready for the revelation? Here are some secrets behind the flawless skin of Hollywood celebrities.

The foreskin facial

A controversial skin therapy, foreskin facial is known to use the discarded foreskin from the penises of infants. A serum named EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is made with the foreskin and is known to boost stem cell cloning in the skin to make it look fresh and flawless. Kate Beckinsale is the latest Hollywood celeb to have tried this treatment.

Microneedles and zinc spray

Micro-needling is a popular cosmetic procedure where sterilized needles are used to prick the skin and make small and easy to repair wounds. The natural healing ability of the skin takes place and produces collagen and elastin for repair work which makes the skin firmer and younger than before. When combined with Zinc Spray, the treatment works mighty fine and offers great results.  Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian are a few celebrities who vouch for microneedles.  

Hollywood diet

Well, enough emphasis has been paid to the effects of diet on the skin and the Hollywood diet is something that is evidence of it. Hollywood celebrities eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Many of them are vegans while others love meat and egg-rich protein diets.


This is no secret that exercise is the key to forever-young skin. Actresses like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox as well as Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise all are deeply into exercising and the results are known to all of us.

Anti-ageing injections

Anti-ageing injections have great skin benefits to offer and many Hollywood stars are already enjoying them. Though the celebrities never come out in open with Anti-ageing injections, there are many who are known to be using the treatment for a long time.

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