How Long Does It Take To Bridge RN to MSN?


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Nursing is one of those tough professions that brings unique challenges for you every day. As a nurse, you need to have nerves of steel to handle any kind of complex situation without losing your composure. The pandemic of COVID-19 is one of the biggest examples of the heroics of nurses where they served as the frontline warriors. You should understand that all this can be possible if you have a solid nursing academic background with hands-on knowledge and experience. Having good qualifications helps you to make correct decisions in critical situations and act according to the patient’s condition.

You can explore different nursing degrees as per your area of interest or favorite discipline. But if you are a registered nurse (RN) and want to accelerate your career growth, then you must consider RN to MSN program. It is a bridge graduate program that is designed to provide you with an advanced level of learning. When you earn an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) degree, it makes you qualify for the top-level nurse practitioner positions. So, without further ado, let’s find out how long it takes to bridge RN to MSN and other important aspects of this degree.

Duration of RN to MSN Degree

RN to MSN nursing degree allows you to get an MSN degree without earning a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing). It saves your time and cost to complete the BSN degree separately. The duration of RN to Master of Science in Nursing degree is around three years with specific requirements that can vary according to institutions. Also, you should know that your previous coursework of MSN specialization can impact the duration of the degree. By getting enrolled in this bridge program, you do not have to spend four years separately for a BSN degree. The reason why RNs to MSN degree is known as a bridge program is that it builds that bridge to fill the gap between MSN and RN.

Benefits of RN to MSN Degree

This bridge program is based on high-level courses to prepare you for advanced nursing practice. It allows you to touch the heights of success in your nursing career by making you aware of complex medical and emergency concepts. As mentioned above, it eliminates the need to earn a BSN degree which is a great plus point. As an ambitious RN nurse, you would like to establish a good career in a particular specialty that requires a master’s degree. So, in that case, RN to MSN degree would be the perfect fit for you. Also, the nature of courses can vary in this degree program because it depends on the courses that you completed previously.

Another benefit that RN to MSN degree provides you is the flexibility to pursue your degree while doing a full-time job. You can leverage online RN to MSN degree programs that help you manage your schedule with ease.

Why Consider RN to MSN program

If you want to pursue the RN to MSN degree program, then you need to consider different factors. For example, if you want to achieve a better position in the future, then you must upgrade your degree. Leveraging the RN to MSN allows you to directly jump to the master’s level degree. It opens the gates of new opportunities that will make you eligible for nursing managerial level positions.

Also, it saves your cost and time because first completing a bachelor’s degree and then going for the master’s program can extend your academic career. You need to invest your money and effort one time in an RN to MSN degree program, and it will reward you in the long run. On the other hand, you need to analyze your circumstances before making any decision. From financial resources to employer support to a family situation, you have to keep in mind every aspect that can impact your educational career. Also, remember that if you choose to withdraw from the RN to MSN degree, then you will not get such an opportunity again anywhere else. It acts as that transport that takes you to your destination in less time and few resources.

What is Included in the Degree

You should understand that your RN to MSN program coursesdepend on your specific discipline and institution. Your previous academic profile and professional experience decide what type of courses you will study in RN to MSN degree.

Also, the credit hours of the RN to MSN program vary from 120 to 140 credit hours. You can transfer your credits based on your previous RN experience and education from 60 to 90. Remember that you will need around 30 to 50 credits of graduate-level for the MSN part of your degree. Most of the RN to MSN programs consist of courses that are designed to fill the gaps between the RN diploma and the MSN degree. Such courses are related to communication, leadership, research, physical assessment, and other areas of nursing.

The MSN degree’s core curriculum includes advanced courses related to health assessment, pharmacology, healthcare policy, pathophysiology, and ethics. Your curriculum balance depends on the degree type you are going for. To clear all doubts, it is better to discuss everything with the relevant staff of the institution where you want to pursue an RN to MSN degree. Discussing everything beforehand will help you know what type of courses you will cover, depending on your previous professional and educational experience.

Choosing the right nursing program is crucial that can help you elevate your career, such as RN to MSN. For better health stability worldwide, the role of nurses holds special significance. So, as a nurse, you need to pull up your socks and make smart decisions to strengthen your academic profile. Opting for RN to MSN degree could be one of those moves because it can help you accomplish your career goals more quickly than other degrees. Also, with a high-level degree, you will be able to make the right nursing decisions that will impact your career growth significantly. Eventually, you will be able to achieve your professional targets and contribute positively to ensure good health practices among society.

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