How much does a trip to the Amazon rainforest cost?

Amazon rainforest cost

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Amazon is an incredible destination, but it’s essential to visit ethically since it’s so popular. The easiest way to do this is to join a tour or go with a well-trained guide. Best Amazon tours have local guides to prevent getting lost in the forest. Additionally, they possess an extensive knowledge of flora and fauna! As well as taking you to tribes that have pre-existing relationships with them, they can take you to tribes who may not be interested in casual contact. Learn to know about amazon rainforest cost.

What do you know about Iquitos tours?

The Iquitos tour is a gateway to the amazing Amazon. Undoubtedly, the city is one of Peru’s most important tourist destinations. You can experience the Peruvian Amazon at its best through Iquitos. This jungle city offers incredible sights, adventures, and activities. From its colonial history and architecture to its vibrant arts scene and pristine nature reserves, Iquitos is a place you must experience.

With its diversity of natural beauty and warm hospitality, Iquitos holds an extraordinary place in the hearts of Peruvians and foreigners alike. Iquitos has become so popular with tourists that several people are flying there from all over the world.

What is the cost of a trip to Amazon?

For two people staying three nights in the Amazon, the amazon rainforest cost would be:

  • The cost of staying in a city hotel starts at $100.
  • The cost of staying in a jungle lodge for two days is $429
  • The cost of a cruise is $3000

A visit to the Amazon during the high water season

The season of high water

Flooding frequently occurs between December and May in the high water season. The Amazon River reaches its highest level during these months. During the rainy season, the Amazon basin floods, making boat excursions much more thrilling. As the river flows more freely, travelers can see some of the wildlife hidden from view on the river’s main course. There are also beautiful black water creeks where guests can swim.

Amazon weather in the high water season

There is a colder and wetter season in Amazon’s high water season. Despite this, the Amazon is warm year-round. Drastically, temperatures will not drop. In December, The temperature of Manaus remains at 88F or 31C, but the temperature drops to 75F or 23C in May, which is comparatively low for the Amazon.

What must be done during high water season?

A cruise on the Amazon is the best thing to do when the water levels are high. These are great places to begin an Amazon cruise adventure, from places like Iquitos in Peru, Coca Ecuador in Ecuador, and Manaus in Brazil during the Amazon high water season.


In the Amazon, you can find jaguars, harpy eagles, pink river dolphins, black spider monkeys, poison dart frogs, and sloths, among other animals. Over 370 types of reptiles and 40,000 plant species are found there, as well as both freshwater and saltwater fish species. As a result of unsustainable logging, mining, and infrastructure development, the untamed wilderness is under increasing threat.

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