National Park In Malaysia: 5 Places To Experience The Beauty Of Nature

    National Park In Malaysia

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    Experiencing the natural beauty of our flora and fauna requires visiting these national parks in Malaysia. You can only fully appreciate the profusion of vegetation our nation has to offer and the unusual and fascinating types of creatures native to our area up close and personal. In addition, how many city inhabitants can genuinely claim to have visited Taman Negara or seen the Rafflesia flower in person, let alone experienced its pungent scent? Exactly a few, to be precise.

    Even though the national parks in Malaysia already have well-marked hiking pathways for visitors, it would be a good idea to hire guides if you want to explore further. In addition, some of these national parks offer activities other than merely a peaceful trek in the forest, such as visits to Orang Asli (the indigenous tribes) communities, bird watching, canoeing across rivers, or r taking river cruises to see more of the natural beauty in a leisurely manner.

    Discover the allure of the tropical flora and animals in these national parks in Malaysia that are regarded as major ecotourism sites, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the world.

    Niah National Park

    Visit one of Malaysia’s most well-known national parks and explore some of the region’s most impressive caves, which are nothing short of geological wonders. These magnificent caves and rock formations, which are the height of biodiversity, may be found in the Niah National Park.

    You can see millions of bats hanging from the roofs of the caves if you visit their cold, musty interiors. Not for the faint of heart, Niah National Park also boasts ancient wall paintings that portray the boat trip of the dead into the afterlife, along with the remains of “death-ships”: boat-shaped coffins on the cave floor. The park is famous for the discovery of 40,000-year-old human remains. The coffins are no longer visible because they have been delivered to the Sarawak Museum.

    Bako National Park

    One of Malaysia’s most well-known national parks is Bako National Park, which is 37 kilometres from Kuching. With a total land size of 2,727 hectares, it is one of Sarawak’s smallest and oldest national parks and is home to nearly all Bornean plant species. Bako is a fantastic location for bird watchers who are interested in wildlife because of the area’s rainforest, wildlife, stream, waterfalls, tropical flora, stunning populated beaches, and unusual rock formations.

    Taman Negara

    A visit to Malaysia is impossible without stopping through Taman Negara or the National Park. In addition to being the largest national park in Malaysia, it is also the oldest, having been created in 1939. Its size is illustrated by the fact that the park spans three states: Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu. However, don’t overlook the opportunity to literally walk on the canopy level of trees and observe the forest floor from above.

    Mulu National Park

    With a total area of 528.64 sq . kms, Mulu National Park is Sarawak’s largest national park. The incredible cave system in this park is what makes it famous. With a volume of 30,347,540 cubic metres, The Sarawak Chamber is reputed to be the world’s biggest cave and capable of holding 40 Boeing 747 aircraft. The eighth-longest cave in the world is the Clearwater Cave, which is roughly 189 kilometres. The pinnacles at Mount Api offer a spectacular panorama that is just breathtaking to see. Mulu’s breathtaking scenery and biological value led to its inclusion on the World Heritage List in November 2000.

    Kinabalu Park

    In 1964, Kinabalu Park became a national park in Malaysia. UNESCO designated the first World Heritage Site in Malaysia in December 2000. The 754 sq. km. Kinabalu Park is home to a vast array of plants and animals. More than the total number of species found in Europe and North America, around 4,500 to 5,000.

    Additionally, there are 100 animal species and more than 300 bird species. One of the most visited attractions in Sabah and all of Malaysia is the park. Mount Kinabalu, which draws thousands of climbers annually, is one of the park’s key attractions.


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