How the 2021 Genesis G80 Elevates Brand Name

2021 Genesis G80

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Genesis is a brand name that wasn’t much popular before they launched the G80 series. This vehicle is considered by most people to be one of the best among luxury vehicles that too at much affordable pricing. This luxury sedan has helped Genesis to attain the popularity it has now due to a few particular aspects like its performance, comfort, royal styling, and more. 

How did the 2021 Genesis G80 elevate the brand name? 

The G80 series from the beginning is known to offer every feature that a luxury vehicle should have and was priced reasonably for people to acquire it easily. The G80 offers a level of comfort, styling, and performance that assisted Genesis to sit at the top of luxury car brands. 

Comfort and classy 

The G80 is created keeping two things in mind; comfort and class. For the exterior portion, this car comes with a unique headlight design that will fetch the attention of anyone near it. These headlights match perfectly with the colossal front-grill that gives it a royal as well as modernized look. Even the slanting rear style offers a new aspect among sedan vehicles. 

Similar to the exterior sculpting, the interior has been built using precision and style. G80 is a luxury car and Genesis created the cabin accordingly. The upscale interior shows upscale design along with a streamlined dashboard and more. Its finely stitched leather upholstery offers an aesthetic appeal that is supreme in this segment. 

From comfortable seats to an abundance of features equipped, makes this vehicle, one of the best in its class. Digital gauge panel, ventilated as well as heated seats for front and rear, ample leg space and headroom are just some of the things that this vehicle is equipped on the 2021 model. 

Also, its infotainment system along with connectivity options, smartphone integration, etc. are things that will impress any individual. If you want to acquire even more detail about this luxury sport sedan then visit a dealership today. 

Performance of G80 

A 2.5L turbocharged engine offers a great 300-hp, while its optional choice is a 3.5L twin-turbo model that creates 375-hp. Both engines are paired with auto 8-speed transmission, which offers quick acceleration that will impress any driver. Also, its unique suspension system offers a smooth ride on rough and twisty roads. 

Such powerful engines provide a remarkable performance along with a luxurious outlook and comfy interior is how G80 elevated this brand to a new height. Apart from this the pricing also helped it compete with any other luxury car brand in the market. 

The 2021 G80 is priced from $48,775 and goes up depending on the trim you select. The other two 2.5T models start from $53,331 and $57,631. The 3.5T comes in two variants that cost $60,151 and $66,131. 

Now you need to decide which one you need to get. All models are remarkable and quite reasonably priced when compared with other luxury vehicles and all these features have aided the G80 to elevate the brand name. So, get your 2021 Genesis G80 quickly. 

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