How to become a Quantity Surveyor?

How to become a Quantity Surveyor

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

A quantity surveyor Sydney requires a diverse knowledge base to complete their roles, duties, and responsibilities. This makes the question of how to become a Quantity Surveyor daunting for anyone who is thinking to make a career in this field.

The QS involved in a project various task such as cost engineer or a project manager while estimate construction cost and make sure the projects stay within budget. And he should have good knowledge of various trades- architecture,law,contracting and more.

This blog is written on how to become a Quantity Surveyor to give the answer which usually related to this question, and we will discuss this throughout the article to help you to understand of various routes as you can reach to your goal.

What a quantity is and the roles of a QS won’t go any wrong way, so you should read  them first then this writing will be much efficient for you.

There are several things which need to review before taking final decision. Firstly, comes salary expectation which should be enough to provide enough to lead the lifestyle you like and then working hours and conditions which must allow your own comfort if you become a quantity surveyor while you may have faced difficulties in this route.

Another thing is working environment and people you will involve in your day-to-day life at work where you delineate and satisfied.

In a position of Quantity Surveyor things are getting more elaborated than before. So, being one of them might seem like a way job but going decades there’s a lot more to it harder even most people imagine, forhreason we are requesting to make sure that up know what the job entails before doing anything fixed.

We have already said you will play various role in this position each of a day depending on project need such as an account, a lawyer, a financial advisor or project manager who solve any arising dispute between two parties for their payments or others rights.

As example, you have to manage your client money during the construction as an accountant,advise on commercial contracts as lawyer and ensure that construction work is carried out in the most efficient, cost-effective way possibly in order to maximize value or profit even before  deadlines.

To pursue a career as  a Quantity Surveyor considering the size of the company you work also determine what responsibilities you need to perform.

As example,  you are working in a larger company where they have already a lawyer to prepare and negotiate contracts with clients on the contrary in a small business with fear resources you may have done the person responsibilities  wearing hats at once to tackle the different stage of the project.

From shallow to very depth in a Quantity Surveying profession sector we will describe as without being strained as our guide very clear to the route you can take.

Here we attached advantages and disadvantage of each route per different ages of people depending on their experience and education background.

 Yet, the outcomes those can achieved from each route are also  outlined to explain at the end of each route what you likely end up with to make a place in the world.

Full-time study route

In the full time study route you should complete your high school education. 

During this time concentrate on dining well in mathematics courses as well as take basic carpentry or electrical courses if you are interred on them. 

You can do well without staying hard and taking SAT or ACT tests, to apply for an undergraduate program the course mattress a lot.

When you are getting into a Quantity Surveyor obtaining a bachelor degree you should choose among construction management, building science or construction science which help you to prepare to enter this field.

Make sure your chosen degree program will offer internship alongside your education. Next,loook into licensure such as  professional engineer or registered architect to give priority in job market.

Duration: 3 – 4 years of full-time study (one year of placement).

Location: University.

Age: 18 – 25-year-olds approximately.


Some highlighted benefit to make you learned about this.

  • Make you qualified and efficient faster in entry level
  • Use rightly your holiday time to secure placement to put your skills into practice which offer you practical experience with some money to standardized your lifestyle. 
  • Get more time to complete coursework and study prepping better career.


Like coin this also have disadvantage though these are convertible with your urge.

  • Getting much too time to work is not easy during full  time study course because of loads and institutional requirements which create financial crisis if your family is not good in financial condition.
  • Generally,this course are need to be paid and end of this student can be fallen in debt and sometimes being reason of student’s frustration.
  •  With this course student haven’t enough experience or practical skill throughout the study time, and they would not train for their job currently.


For professional certified Quantity Surveyor doing full time course make the way faster. in this entire session the workload of the exam and coursework can be intense, and you should have more time to complete the work in free time while they did not get extra time to seek part-time job. 

Though these students have good textbook idea at the end of the course being a quantity surveyor but not much practical experience to use  as a result they can’t go a good job currently.

On the other hand some full time course requires a year of work experience usually in their year to complete this and this allows the student to gain insight on applying for job interviews and day to day to prove himself rightly to become a successful quantity surveyor.

During the job this helps to develop analytical and critical things skill or excellent negotiation and interpersonal skill to be more flexible.

Because of having years experience allows them time to apply actually what they want in their carrier and those things they have learned in university as well as learn on the job from experienced quantity surveyor in internship session or final year  which really benefit the student as well as  will finally prove beneficial to those gained from  some practical experience of applying their learning to attain better things.

It is important to have work experience which can lead to employment after or even during the final years letting himself in a bigger platform. Many times, these helps to get your foot  in the door which could not be easy for you while these performances  can impress your job boards to make your position much stronger that any entry level of candidates.


At this point,an employer wood need to retain and show them how things got done on site but automatically can meet them. While a textbook knowledge can anyone so much being practical and helps to make strong more than 75% of the battle in construction site.

This blog provides you insight look to make the decision on how to become a quantity surveyor even various website offer thousands of suggestions. If there are questions till your mind leave a comment and best of luck with your potential career.