How to Buy a Cheap Used Rental Car – EpicVin

How to Buy a Cheap Used Rental Car - EpicVin

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Cheap used cars have recently become incredibly popular and in demand. This is because the global crisis began due to the pandemic, which contributed to a decrease in the income of the entire population of the planet. As a result, people have less opportunity to buy new vehicles. Today, one of the ways to buy a used car is to contact the companies that rent them. Many of these organizations have started selling their cars at very competitive prices after the coronavirus, so this is a great place to make a deal.

In addition, such firms have at their disposal a fairly large selection of various used cars under 500. This price category is very popular at the moment, because for not much money you can find a copy in good condition that you will be satisfied with. Of course, in this price range, it is unlikely that a car will be in perfect condition without any technical problems. However, given that you will save on the deal itself, you will have the opportunity to spend the remaining amount on the repair and restoration of your vehicle. Also, if you buy a used car under $500, you probably won’t have to pay much tax, which is also a huge benefit.

Benefits of buying cheap used rental cars:

1. Savings

Many rental companies sell cars from their fleet at prices that are well below market rates. This is especially true at this point in time, as the average cost of cars is rising and this growth does not plan to stop. For example, even vehicles such as the Chevrolet Camaro or some Nissan models are more than 4% cheaper at rental organizations compared to dealerships. Such prices will be a pleasant surprise for those who are looking for good used cars under 500$ for themselves. The thing is that such companies do not set themselves the goal of making a profit from the transaction. They just need to free up space in their fleet to fill them with newer cars.

2. Fixed prices

If you decide to buy a rental car, then you don’t have to worry that its price will change in a few days. Also, you should not be afraid that the price in the ad and the actual price will differ. Rental companies are not interested in bargaining with you, because the main thing for them is to sell the vehicle. That is why they set a fixed price, which does not change until the moment of sale.

3. Qualitative check of cars

All vehicles in rental companies are well maintained and fully inspected. In such organizations, there is a professional car mechanic who is just the same and is preparing cars for sale. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the fact that the machine will have some hidden defects or problems. Although, of course, an independent check will also never be superfluous. Also, due to the fact that all vehicles, without exception, are serviced in rental companies, you have a great chance to find a used car under 500$ in good condition.

4. Big test drives

Test drives in rental companies are very varied. For example, you can rent a car for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or even several days. When buying a used car from a dealership, you don’t have that luxury. Long test drives are a great way to fully test a vehicle and make sure it’s right for you. This is especially useful if you want to purchase a used car under $500. Some firms even offer full refunds for your test drive if you end up buying the car.

5. Warranty

When you buy a cheap car from a rental company that is not older than 3 years, you get a guarantee for it. Thanks to it, you can get free repairs or get a refund for the vehicle in case of any malfunctions. However, for this it is necessary that the malfunctions be in the warranty list.

6. Simplicity

The process of buying a cheap used car from a rental company is as convenient as possible. Such organizations provide the opportunity to complete part of the transaction online, which saves you a lot of time. For the final transaction, you will only need to come to the place of purchase and complete the rest of the package of documents. After that, you can pick up your vehicle.

7. Good equipment

Today, rental organizations provide an opportunity to purchase a cheap used car in a good configuration. Maybe you thought that the vehicles that are intended for rental have a minimum set of features, but this is not so. They can include cruise control, rear view camera and much more.

Tips for buying cheap cars under $500 at a car rental company:

1. Use EpicVin

This service will help you find the car you need much faster. This program allows you to select the required machine parameters and search according to them. Such a function significantly saves time and effort that you spend on finding the right instance. In addition, with the help of EpicVin you will be able to check the history of the car without any problems. You will only need to know the VIN number. The program makes it possible to find out the technical characteristics, the presence of accidents, legal problems, the fact of theft and much more. This procedure will help you choose a really high-quality used car under $500.

2. Take a long test drive

This will allow you to identify malfunctions in the car, if any, and understand how much you like this vehicle.

3. Find your own mechanic

To make sure that the used car under $500 you choose is in proper condition, ask a trusted car mechanic to do their own check. This will reveal hidden defects and understand how much this vehicle is worth its money.

4. Request a car inspection report from the rental center

You can compare it with your report and make sure that everything is in order with the car. Or, on the contrary, you will notice some inconsistencies.

Buying a cheap used rental car is a really good option to satisfy all your vehicle desires. In rental companies, you can find a copy that you like and that will not disappoint you after a few months of use.

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