Is Apple Configurator 2 integrated with MDM solutions?

Is Apple Configurator 2 integrated with MDM solutions?

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Saira Farman

What is Apple Configurator 2?

A free utility tool enables better configuration, enrollment, and deployment of corporate-owned iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices through a USB connection. Before distribution, the tools helps with the automated enrollment of Apple devices and the integration of mobile device management in bulk. It involves pre-loading of required profiles in the devices.

The integration of MDM solutions.

There are several benefits when it comes to the integration of Apple Configurator 2 and mobile device management. Let’s analyse a few of the best perks of this synergy.

Efficiency in bulk

A large number of devices can be configured and bunched together to increase efficiency with supervision. With this tool it is easy to update the software and install applications. Other features also include:

  • Renaming
  • Exporting documents
  • Changing wallpaper
  • Exporting device information

Activation without active internet connection.

If devices are connected to the host device, the set-up can be done without an Internet connection. Administrators have the power to control configuration settings like restoring, activating, and preparing devices with necessary profiles and documents.

Customise the configuration.

By seamlessly automating the enrolment, this tool features options like the Prepare Assistant making it extremely easy to control and supervise the configured devices and access the existing profiles and other settings.

A few other benefits include the following.

  • Automatic enrolment
  • Efficient control over the said devices
  • Corporate iOS devices that come with predefined configurations

What is the best way to enrol devices to the MDM server via Apple Configurator 2?

To begin with, the process involves a URL link found in the MDM server. Follow the steps to enrol your device.

  • Select enrolment on the MDM Product Server Console option
  • Under the option, iOS choose Apple Configurator
  • Choose configuration steps and move to the fifth slide to copy the URL
  • Go back to Apple Configurator 2 and provide the copied URL

Apple Configurator 2, when integrated with MDM, is an effective tool that can assist and manage devices and documents using the host device. Manually integrate MDM solutions to make the most of this powerful utility tool.

It seems that every year Apple and Android use new operating systems, each one superior to the other. It competes with Apple’s iOS7 Android KitKat operating system this year. Although both platforms are relatively new, Apple accounts for 80% of the iOS7 market, with KitKat or 4.4 now over 1% of all Android devices. In fact, newer and more KitKat “morza” versions are still used on 55% of Android devices compared to iOS7.

Of course, each operating system has its own strengths and is very well designed for iOS7 iPhone 5S, especially with the features that are very interesting to use the device. Instead, KitKat has added a new look to its smartphones, especially the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Here’s how each operating system compares and contrasts with its mobile devices. It is immediately obvious that IOS7 and KitKat offer special advantages in almost every category.

common road
iOS7 will include major changes in Apple’s upcoming operating system. Here, Simplicity is an open presentation of the agenda with low and high vector icons of color and minimalist design. Kitkat looks better than the previous version. Food notification and edit menus are now integrated.

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