How to choose Best Apple iPads

How to choose Best Apple iPads

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Are you looking for the best Apple iPad to buy? You might think that this is easy. There are a few models, you search and read about each of them, and then decide which one to buy. Others have a different approach: they aim to buy the latest launched Apple iPad because they think it is the best. And there is another category of people who search for second-hand iPads which can be found for sale on almost any platform out there.

But how do you decide which Apple iPad is the best for you and your needs? Some students want to use it just for note-taking during courses, while others want to use it as a graphic tablet and boost their design skills. And others just want a tablet to replace their big, heavy, and obsolete laptop. But do not worry. If you feel lost in front of this choice or decision, here are some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best Apple iPad for yourself.

iPad Air 2020

This is the 2020 version of iPad Air, according to and,it is one of the best. It comes with many upgrades compared with the previous model, but also with some changes that might limit you. iPad Air 2020 is similar to the iPhone 12, which has round corners and a full display. At the same time, its display is larger than one of its predecessors, so it is one of the best iPads. It supports Apple Pencil, which is great for those who want to advance their design skills.

And it is the first Apple iPad to have a Touch ID on the power button, which is quite impressive. But the best thing about this iPad is that it has a powerful chipset that allows you to install what apps you want. Even though some say that the Pro version is better, you should not let this choice pass by so easily. Its downside is that it is quite expensive and the price is around $580, but maybe you can find it second-hand.

Apple iPad 2021

But if you are looking for the newest version of Apple iPads, here is the 2021 version. And you may wonder what is the difference between this one and its predecessor. Well, you should know that it has some features that were long-awaited by iPad fans. The display and size are the same as the 2020 version. However, it has the newest chipset which makes it more performant. On top of this, the front camera has jumped from 1.2 megapixels to 12 megapixels.

Which is an incredible update. The best thing about this Apple iPad is that it supports even the first generation of Apple Pencils, which is awesome. For those who are already using an older iPad for design, this is a nice feature. An Apple Pencil could turn out to be expensive for some. Its prices vary around $330.

Apple iPad Mini 2021

According to top essay writing, if you do not need a large iPad to substitute your laptop or to enhance your design skills, then maybe the mini version is just right for you. Of course, before making any purchase it is important to think and list the things you will use your iPad for. These can shed more light on what specs, sizes, and so on you need and help you make a decision.

And here comes the newest Apple iPad Mini which is so different from its predecessor. Its size is different, its corners are rounded, and it comes with the highest portability of all Apple iPads. The best thing about it is that it has a USB type C charging port, so if you have a MacBook, you can use its charger and save some money. It has 5G and the latest bionic processor, so it can support almost any game or app. The Apple iPad Mini from 2021 is also supporting the second generation of Apple Pencils and it comes with an eye-candy design. Its prices range around $500.

Apple iPad Pro 2021

But if you are looking for the ultimate iPad, then you should know that the latest Apple iPad Pro is the best of the best. The best thing about it is that it is available in two sizes, so those who are using it for design can choose the larger size. What is really impressive about them is that they have the newest chip MacBooks have (M1), which makes it highly powerful. Depending on the size, prices vary between $750 and $1000.

Ending Note

Choosing the best Apple iPad can be a difficult choice, especially because there are so many models you can choose from. Before making a purchase, think about what tasks you need it for. This will help you make the best decision that meets your needs.