How to choose the right dress for prom?

How to choose the right dress for prom?

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

In an ideal world, you have been planning every detail of the party from the moment you got your acceptance letter. To make it perfect, you have been spending countless hours on Pinterest thinking about how to choose the right dress for prom and what makeup will look best with your dress. The truth is that not all girls are as excited as you are about the party.  You can make it amazing for them with a few simple tricks and tips that will help you choose the right dress for prom!

What is your style – girly, glamorous, or classic?

Before you start looking for the right dress, do some research on the kind of style that matches your personality. Are you more of a girly girl or are you more simple?  Either way, there is always room to change up your style and make it unique if need be!

What color will you choose?

The color is very important because it can make you look slimmer or heavier.  If you are having trouble choosing the right color, ask for help from someone who knows colors well. Although secondary colors are hard to match, primary colors will never go out of style!

What fabric will you choose?

Your dress should be made out of a fabric that you know will last for years. If you are not sure what fabric to choose, ask the person helping you out.  If it is your close friend, they will tell you honestly about the dress and its fabric.

Is it trendy or classic?

You always want to go for a dress that is timeless if possible because trends can come and go.  If you’re concerned that the dress will be too trendy, choose tween dresses from Canada, which have unique elements and can quickly become a classic!

Where are you going to wear your dress again?

Your prom night may be special but that doesn’t mean that your friends will want to wear the dress again.  If you are worried about wearing the same dress as someone else, consider asking your friends what they will be wearing so that you don’t have to wear something similar.

What is your budget?

Let’s face a fact – prom dresses can be too expensive.  It’s worth it if you’re excited about it but if you can’t afford it, don’t worry! You can always find a cheaper version of the same dress or change your mind about prom altogether. Your prom night is special and unique but that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect.

Make sure to enjoy every little detail of the party because no one will remember what kind of dress you wore or what your makeup looked like if they don’t have a picture.  Your fun memories are the only thing that will last!

Don’t worry about finding the perfect dress because it’s worth sacrificing for a moment to make it special with friends and family. Your prom night is not about the dress but how much you enjoy yourself.

Which type of shoes is most appropriate for my dress?

As long as the shoes are comfortable, they can match any dress. The color of your dress should be considered before choosing the shoes but otherwise, stick to what you feel good in!

How do I choose the right makeup?

You always want to go for something classy and subtle. Regardless of the color or style of your dress, you want to keep it simple and add a little glam with jewelry.

If you’re having trouble choosing, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. Makeup is not my thing so I will always recommend asking the pros! If all else fails, stick to something neutral or red because it’s always classy and beautiful!


There is nothing more special than celebrating an important event with friends and family. You can make it even more special by following these simple tips and tricks! Prom night is a moment of true happiness and beauty so do yourself a favor and be sure to enjoy it as much as possible!