How To Clean a Teddy Bear At Home?

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Has your teddy bear got a dirty spot? Has one or more of them been smudged? Are they in need of a thorough cleaning? You can clean your favorite toy like a yellow bear in several ways, from a quick fix to something more intensive. These are various methods for cleaning your teddy bear.

3 Ways To Clean a Teddy Bear at Home 

Method 1: Do Spot-Cleaning Of Your Bear

Put Water and Wet the Dirty Area:

Start by dampening the cloth in the water. After that, gently wipe the bear with the wet cloth. By moistening and rubbing the dirty areas, you can loosen dirt without excessively soaking the bear in the water. In spot cleaning, you don’t need to use too much water for washing the bear. Therefore, you will have to wait a little longer for your bear to dry before you can play with it again. 

Apply and Cleanse With Detergent:

Add a dab of dish soap or laundry detergent to a clean portion of the cloth. Only use a small dab of detergent at a time for washing the bear. Avoid creating an excess of suds on the teddy, which will be harder to rinse out thoroughly, thus making the fur crunchy as it dries. In a spray bottle, mix either dish soap or a drop of liquid laundry detergent for every 1 cup of water to clean several spots on the bear. Then, directly spray the solution on the dirty area.

Clean the damp spots:

With that portion of the cloth, gently rub the dirty area until it is clean. As you do so, be gentle with the bear to prevent damage. Afterward, repeat the process as necessary. You should only rub the dirty area. Rinse them off carefully. 

Rinse the Bear:

Get a fresh, clean towel. Put some water on the teddy to dampen it. Wipe away soap and suds from the bear’s washed areas so that the fur does not become crunchy as it dries. When wiping the bear, dampen the towel lightly rather than soaking it, which may spread or create more suds while wiping. 

Method 2: Wash the Bear By Giving Them Bath

Wet Your Bear in the Soapy Water:

If there are any clothes on the teddy bear that you need to wash separately, remove them so that you can thoroughly clean the bear. Put a dash of soap in a large bowl along with warm water. Put the bear under that soapy water. Submerge only those parts that you intend to clean (head, limbs, backside, frontside, etc.) to prevent over-soaking.

Remove the Dirt By Rubbing:

You can remove dirt, grime, or stains by softly kneading and massaging them with your fingers. When you are cleaning tough spots, use a sponge, flannel, or towel. Dislodge dirt from dirty areas by gently rubbing them. If you have particularly tough spots, go soft and easy, regardless of how long it takes, to avoid pulling out the fur by its roots. You should clean the crevices between its ears and along its neck, as well as any other areas where additional dirt can accumulate.

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Rinse The Teddy Thereafter:

Remove the warm soapy water from the bowl. Fill it only with water again. Re-submerge the soft bear in the refilled water. To remove soapy residue, gently massage it. Rinse the yellow bear with clean water and repeat as necessary until you remove all the soap from the bear. Make sure you rinse off one part at a time before immersing the next in water to prevent excessive waterlogging.

Method 3: Machine-Wash Your Teddy Bear

Ensure That Machine-Washing is Safe:

Ensure your teddy bear is of good quality and is not too old to wash material. In addition, you should check the materials from which it is made and the embellishments it is adorned with. Machine-washing is much rougher on toys than hand-washing, so if you feel that your bear might not survive a machine wash, hand-wash it. 

Get Your Bear Ready For a Safe Wash:

 To prevent tangling and to ensure your bear is thoroughly washed, remove any clothes that can be removed from your stuffed bear. To prevent the problem from getting worse during the wash, trim loose threads and sew up tears or holes. For added protection, place your Bear inside a sealable pillowcase or mesh bag.

Put the Bear Inside and Run the Machine:

The first thing you should do is add detergent to your washer in an appropriate amount. Afterward, select the “Hand-Wash” or “Delicate” cycle on the machine. After that, start the washing process. You should not use hot water on the stuffed bear since this may damage it. In the same wash cycle as your bear, avoid washing items that are excessively dirty or whose colors may bleed.

Closing Words 

Using these methods, you can easily clean your teddy bear at home. These methods work on any size and shape of a teddy bear. Teddy bears are adorable and when cared properly, they can become life-long companions. If your kid doesn’t have any stuffed teddy, it’s time to introduce them to the joy of having a friend like teddy bears. You can bulk buy teddy bears at an affordable price from online stores. Whenever they get dirty, simply use the above tips to clean them. It is very important to dry the bears carefully after cleaning them. You can either air dry their fur or use a hair dryer. After that, comb their hair gently, and you are good to go!