How To Draw Customers Into Your Business


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You’ve got a great business started, and you know that your products and services are top-notch. But you seem to be just a bit short on customers. Don’t despair! There are ways to remedy that. Read on to learn about some of them.

Start With Yourself

If you want more customers, start by examining your business practices. Consider your level of organization and availability to your customers. If you struggle to stay on track with inventory or orders, this could be a problem. You might turn to technology to help you. If you own a jewelry store, for instance, try jewelry store POS software that will allow you to keep better control over these critical areas of your business. POS software is available for many other types of businesses as well. You should also incorporate a calendar and planner and a comprehensive financial program. If you make changes in how you run your business, your customers will feel more confident shopping with you.

Create an Online Presence

Many of your customers spend a lot of time online these days, so your business needs to have a strong online presence. Build a website that is easy to use, and consider incorporating online ordering for extra convenience. Make sure, though, that your website and system are fully secure for customer peace of mind. Don’t ignore social media either. Create accounts for your company, and update them frequently with news and fun facts. Answer customer comments regularly, too.

Advertise Strategically

To draw in more customers, you need to advertise strategically. Come up with a few campaigns that focus on various aspects of your business or on particular product or service lines. You might design an advertising run for local newspapers, social media and your website that centers around the history of your business, for instance, or around a set of brand-new products your customers need to know about. Consider posting fliers around town, asking other businesses to network with you and even creating some yard signs to let more potential customers know that you exist.

Run Promotions

Be sure to run interesting promotions, too. Get creative here. You can have regular sales on particular products, of course, but develop a few fun tie-ins, too. You might, for instance, allow customers to draw tickets for a discount or have them spin a wheel to win a coupon or a prize. You could even hold an occasional open house with refreshments, games, door prizes and plenty of sales. Don’t neglect seasonal incentives either. Holiday sales work well, but also focus on “odd” holidays that fit your business. If you sell pet supplies, for example, then run promotions for National Cat Day or National Dog Day. If you have an antique store, use historical events in your promotions.

Offer the Best

Customers don’t like shoddy products or sloppy services, so make sure your offerings are high quality all the time. Personally inspect your product lines or state of your services so that you know your customers are getting the very best. Discontinue products that aren’t up to standard, and always strive to improve your services. If customers complain, address their concerns promptly, and solve each problem as quickly as you can.

Boost Customer Service

Handling customer complaints well is one way to boost your customer service, but there are other methods, too. For one thing, greet all customers as soon as they walk into your business. Make them feel welcome, and offer help if they need it. If they ask questions, answer to the best of your ability, and suggest products that seem to fit what they’re looking for. Your business will develop a reputation for friendliness that will keep customers coming back and encourage them to tell their friends and relatives about you. This in itself can draw in more customers, so make it a priority. Your business is important to you, and you know that you can offer your customers excellent products or services. So use some of these ideas to make sure your customers know this, too.

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