How to Have Soothing Meeting Room Ambiance

Meeting Room Ambiance

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When you decide on having a meeting, the excellent room ambiance is crucial. The productivity and everybody’s mood also depend on the environment. So, you would want to make sure that your meeting place is worth spending time with while listening attentively to the presentations. According to the statistics, one-third of employees mentioned that they are not happy with their workplace environment. Some of them even feel anxious about the setup they are in a while working.

Meeting room for rent in Hong Kong. Here are the ways to improve your meeting room ambiance for your next presentation:

Have a Proper Lighting

Having balanced lighting in your meeting room can boost the audience’s mood. If you plan to conduct your nighttime meetings, ensure that the room lights aren’t too bright or dark. On the other hand, if your meeting is during the daytime, there should be enough natural light.  

The sunlight should go through the windows without giving too much ray. That’s why you need to prepare the meeting set up ahead of time. Place the chairs where the audience will feel comfortable while having a bright area.

Choose your curtains attentively. Too dark curtains can hinder the sunlight from coming through the windows. Use curtains with balanced colors.

However, if you are using A/V equipment such as a projector, you need a dimmer environment. Know the right position of the equipment to get the right amount of lighting.

Choose Layout According to Your Purpose

If you are conducting a meeting wherein you want to have discussion and presentation, you might want to go with the U-Shape Style. You can choose from Classroom, Reception, Banquet Styles, or more. See which one of the room setups works best for you.

Make Your Room Soundproof

Hearing different noises from the outside can disrupt the peace of mind of the attendees. The communication between the audiences and the speakers should be clear. When you have a soundproof room, you can relay the message clearly to everyone.

Have Enough and Reliable Sound Equipment

The typical problem that occurs in the meetings is inadequate sound equipment. It could be that the microphone is not clear enough or there are not enough speakers in the room. So, look for a meeting venue with reliable speakers, amplifiers, and microphones. Having excellent sound equipment can save the day.

Set Up the Perfect Room Temperature

Setting up the room to the perfect room temperature can be tricky. Different audiences mean they have other temperature preferences. However, you need to work on the majorities’ choice. For example, if you feel that the room is warmer while the outside is colder, then the excellent option could be a slightly lower room temperature.

Analyze Your Room Decors

Meeting room ambiance might bore audiences. At the same time, having too much decoration can be stressful to the eyes. You can look at Pinterest to see some inspiration to create a perfect room ambiance. Moreover, you can add more greens or plants to the room for a fresher environment.

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