How to improve your 613 hair weave?

613 hair weave

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613 hair weave, does it ring any bells? If you are well acquainted with hair extensions, you must have figured out the colour of this special extension by now. But if you haven’t, it is indeed the blonde hair weave. 

Irrespective of skin colour, this hair extension goes extremely well with anyone. This makes it one of the most renowned hair extensions all over the world. Hair extensions are of different types, deep wave hair, etc. But we know that good quality hair extensions are pretty costly. Therefore it is important to know how to improve the quality of your 613 hair bundles. 

To improve the quality of your 613 hair bundles, you need to follow the given steps:

Co-Wash your hair

Always co-wash your hair extension before use. Unlike shampoo, co-wash products are less harsh and can gently rid your hair of dirt. This can help in ensuring that your hair extensions are clean and tidy before installation. 

Brush and detangle your hair

Brushing out your hair extensions is essential. It can remove unnecessary loops from the piece and make it look crisp and healthy. 

Apply conditioner to your hair

As long as it concerns your hair extensions, don’t use just any hair conditioner. Instead, opt for a deep conditioner. These conditioning products penetrate the hair weave and can help in making the hair strands softer and shinier. 

Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar

The primary need of using apple cider vinegar is to restore the pH balance of your hair. Since the natural pH of apple cider vinegar is less than that of your hair, you can soak your hair into it to seal the open cuticles.

You may also prepare your hair by using the boiling method. You need a wide-toothed comb, hair conditioner, a pot of boiling water, a zip lock bag, and hair serum for this technique. You may also use light hair oil. 

Simply use a wide-toothed brush first to detangle your bundles with closure. Then generously cover your hair weave with conditioner and spray light hair oil on it. Then take the hair bundles and place them in a ziplock bag. Next, take the boiling water and place the ziplock bag in it. Submerge it and let the bag sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once done, use a pair of tongs to remove the bag. 

Extract the hair bundles from the bag and put them in a bowl. Pour some hot water into the bowl and let it soak for one to two hours. You may want to put a lid on it to restrict heat evaporation. After the stipulated time frame, let your hair bundle air-dry. You may then detangle them and use them as usual. 

The best idea of using a hair weave is purchasing a good quality extension and maintaining it. Now that you are adept with the various steps to care for your 613 hair weave, you can easily maintain and keep using it for years.

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