How to Lead a Happy and Optimistic Life?

How to Lead a Happy and Optimistic Life?

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

The younger generation goes through many changes in the present era of innovation and evolution. They undergo various pressure of study, job, competition, and daily troubles for being first in the rat race. The modern era and digitalization are making things convenient in-home comfort, but the schedule is still hectic for all. Not only work-life but advancement of technology changing the face of education too. For example, the week started with Monday, and you woke up from bed, went straight to the desk, and logged into the monitor for your work. Afterward, one spends about 6-7 hours in front of the computer and books, making the brain less productive.

 How to Keep the Surrounding Calm and Pleasing

It is essential to trash out all the problems from your mind and create a positive vibe and peaceful environment before you go to bed in this modern era. So here are a few mindful habits to calm and present in the surroundings. 

  • Routine-building mindful habits: It takes place with patience and habit. The practice of the following timetable. Observing the surroundings, such as watching a bird flying in the sky, will help an individual be more mindful and creative. A routine of walking in the morning and appreciating the beautiful sunrise will provide positive power to the mind.
  • Journal it – suppose during the night when you complete your entire day, then try to analyze what you have learned today or what is bothering you. It will help you analyze your personality and encourage you to continue moving forward.
  • Remind it – there are many tasks, so it’s self-evident to forget things. So try to put the remainder either on a bookmark or on the election gadget. It will help you complete tasks before, and this habit will help you cope with the class and help maintain consistency.

Some of the activities to be calm body as well mind – 

  • Breathe – try to take time in the morning or evening to practice deep breathing, which helps stay calm. All it requires is to be silent, close your eyes and try to take deep breaths. And relax your mind and stop thinking about anything. These few minutes spent on this activity will make a huge difference in your daily routine.
  • Crafts – try to spend a little time sketching, painting, and even knitting twice a week. That will be your thought on the piece of paper. It will help you know better about yourself and your pattern of thinking.
  • Hobby – try to take your time from the hectic timetable and do things you love. Suppose someone who loves to cook should spend 2 hours cooking or someone interested in sports can spend 2-3 hours enjoying their game. It will help to remain calm and enjoy and cheer up the mood. Once you do what you love can help you to be a cheerful person.
  • Walk – a morning walk ensures that the body gets more fresh oxygen. It helps physical fitness and helps to gain peace of mind.
  • Writing – try to maintain a diary or put down the thoughts at the end of the day. It is a gentle and productive way to process emotions. And it will help and reflect and help to know yourself better.
  • Yoga – there are thousands of benefits of yoga. It helps to maintain health well and helps to feel good about ourselves and constantly know about ourselves.


 Hence, by following the steps mentioned above and constantly working on them, one can lead a happy and peaceful life. It helps in improving lead mental health conditions and reducing stress. Learning with LMS portals makes the work easier for students and parents, ultimately serving as a stress reliever.

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