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Are you amazed and mesmerized by the beautiful travel videos floating online? Have you ever wondered how the travel videos on YouTube or other social media platforms have garnered millions of views? Not only the aesthetic part, but it is the story, content, and information that contributes to creating stunning videos. Are you a travel content creator and want to create stunning videos? Here are some helpful and informative tips to help you create unique travel videos.

1. Pick a niche and plan the content

Travel videos are of different types, and hence it is necessary to first understand what kind of videos you want to create. Plan the video content, keep the equipment handy and visualise the sequences before shooting the video clips. If you have an idea, prepare the story and how you want to put it together in the travel video. Choose a niche wisely, something you are comfortable with, and it helps you connect to the audience better. Here are some options for picking the niche.

  • Video content can be vlogs where you speak to the camera while documenting the journey.
  • You can plan video content where you document a place, its people, culture or people without shooting yourself.
  • Fast cut, cinematic videos give a view of the landscape and are more of a visual treat to the audience.
  • Create travel videos in things that interest you, which will help you create a niche for yourself.
  • Become a storyteller and tell a unique, exciting story through the travel video.

2. Use the suitable types of equipment 

As a beginner, you can start shooting and making travel videos straight from your phone. However, you also need to level up the equipment to create better videos as you progress. Irrespective of you, it is essential to know your gears well and use them to make stunning videos. Here is some equipment to consider for creating stunning travel videos.

  • For beginners, phones are a great equipment choice to start with. However, investing in a good quality compact camera for shooting travel video is best as you progress through the journey. For vlogging, consider a flip camera for the convenience of shooting while talking to the camera.
  • However, for high quality 4K crystal clear footage, a compact mirrorless camera is the best option.
  • Reduce the blurriness as much as you can by investing in a good quality stabiliser or gimbal. This significantly eliminates the camera shakes and brings out crystal clear video quality.
  • Voice clarity is essential for creating good quality travel videos. Especially if you are recording yourself or recording the voices of people, faint voices or background noise is a significant distraction. Use the good quality external microphone for the best quality travel video.

3. Choosing the right video editing tool

The choice of the online video editor is essential for stitching together the video and editing the content. Initially, use a simple video editing software for editing the video that does not require much technical expertise. Here are a few things that can bring remarkable changes to the travel video.

  • Editing the colour of the video footage to bring a cinematic look and clarity. Video editors help adjust the contrast, colours, saturation, clarity, sharpening, brightness etc.
  • Add transitions in the video footage to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Use filters to bring changes and differences in the overall outlook of the video.
  • Add the right background sound or music to create a flow in the video.

4. Shoot videos during sunrise and sunset 

Natural lighting is the best for shooting travel videos. The best time for shooting travel content is during sunrise and sunset. Too much bright light is not suitable for videos as it reduces the quality. Sunrise and sunset are golden hours which creates amazing videos that make it aesthetic and attractive to the eyes. Also, early mornings are the best as the crowd is less and captures the wholesomeness of the place and landscape.

5. Make it more about the place and people

If you want to become a good travel video maker, make it less about you and more about the place. Capture local people, culture, food, traditions, and unique things about a place. This brings out new information and stories about people and makes the video interesting. Try to keep the videos short, to the point, and crisp. Include close up shots of local people, let them talk or capture moments with people showing their art or indigenous skills.

6. Diversify the video shots

Redundant video clips and shots are boring for the audience. Instead, add diversity in the travel videos to keep the audience entertained, interested, and informed. Travel videos do not have to be always cinematic but engaging with a story. Plan the shoots, diversity the content, and put it together in an exciting manner. Add different footage like slow spinning shots, shooting from different angles, time-lapses etc.

7. Add subtitle and export properly 

While creating a travel video, make sure you create it for a global audience. Always add subtitles to the video to make it relatable to the audience. If the video footage is shot in vernacular, English subtitles make it convenient for everyone to understand. Once the travel video is complete, make sure to export the video with the proper setting. Always export the video in the highest quality with consistent settings.


Creating travel content of high grade is a matter of time, patience, consistency, and practice. It is crucial to plan the content and story of the video in a sequence manner, experiment with the video footage, and edit it together for the perfect finished product. For travel video, another important tip is to shoot wide-angle for landscape, close up for faces, and always horizontal. The above tips are a great way to build the skills to create incredible and stunning travel videos.

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