How to Make Time for Cleaning?

How to Make Time for Cleaning?

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If you run a hectic routine and find it impossible to devote time to proper house cleaning, you’re not alone.

Over 1/3 of Americans say they worry that they don’t spend enough time making a clean home. And when you’re saddled with duties as a full-time employee, devoted parent, and loving spouse, your job as a housekeeper too often gets forgotten.

Is it possible to find the time to clean the house without shirking your other responsibilities?

If you apply some helpful advice, then you absolutely can! We’ll show you some clever strategies to find time to keep your house neat and tidy during your busy schedule.

How to Make Time for Cleaning

If you’re a slave to routine, you should at least make the routine work for you when you can. You can start by establishing a routine when you’re trying to get ahead with your cleaning.

Make a weekly schedule, breaking chores into “must-do daily” and “must-do weekly” categories.

Daily chores are those tasks that take priority and need to be done each day, like tidying clutter, washing the dishes, doing a load of laundry, and taking out the trash. If it doesn’t take much prep work and makes the day a little easier, you can find time to do it.

Weekly chores are a little more labor-intensive and require you to schedule a chunk of time to do them. The trick is to assign yourself one weekly job each day. You can make a day for vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, washing the floors, or any other large chore you have.

Taking on a Cleaning Mindset

Running a busy schedule can make it feel like you must carve out a specific time for any cleaning task. In reality, it’s not just about creating blocks of time. While that is crucial for big projects like bathrooms and washing floors, taking on a cleaning mindset will make it habitual and, subsequently, a lot easier.

Priority and practicality should drive your cleaning activities. You can make time to get house cleaning chores accomplished within the rest of your routine.

A good starting place is making your bed. As soon as you wake up, it only takes a couple of seconds to get sheets, the comforter, and a couple of pillows in order, making the room look much tidier.

When you adopt the cleaning mindset, you find opportunities to tidy up. For instance, when making dinner and waiting eight minutes for the pasta to cook, take the opportunity to wipe down the counters.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Keeping the right cleaning supplies stocked and ready where you use them makes cleaning easier. And if you share a space with kids or roommates, it encourages everyone to play their part in keeping tidy. Everyone contributes to the mess, so you should make sure everyone contributes to the cleanup.

Ask for Help

At the end of the day, if you still can’t get to everything, you can lean on the pros. Even if you don’t want to make it a weekly event, you can work with teams like Top Mops Cleaning, who work specifically with your schedule, even if it’s for a one-time job. Scheduling a deep clean every few months can make those daily and weekly chores easier to accomplish.

Time to Get Cleaning

Small daily efforts make it easy to make time for a clean home. When you adopt a cleaning mindset and take advantage of convenient chances to tidy up, you’ll make your home more enjoyable for everyone.

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Keeping a clean and tidy living space is important for physical and mental health. However, finding the time to clean can be a challenge, especially for those with busy schedules. Here are some tips for making time for cleaning:

  • Prioritize cleaning: Make cleaning a priority by scheduling it into your day or week. Set aside a specific time for cleaning and stick to it.
  • Break it down: Instead of tackling all cleaning tasks simultaneously, break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, clean one room or area of your home each day.
  • Multi-task: Look for ways to clean while doing other activities, such as wiping down surfaces while cooking or laundry.
  • Delegate: If you live with others, delegate cleaning tasks to each person. This not only lightens your workload but also teaches responsibility and accountability.
  • Use efficient cleaning methods: Opt for efficient cleaning methods, such as using a steam cleaner instead of traditional cleaning products, to save time and effort.
  • Declutter regularly: Regularly decluttering your home can make cleaning easier and more efficient.
  • Get help if needed: If you cannot find time for cleaning, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help you maintain a clean and healthy living space.

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