A Painless Guide to Preventing Mosquito Bites

A Painless Guide to Preventing Mosquito Bites

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Of all the things to love about warm weather, there’s one tiny, pesky thing to abhor: mosquitos!

These flying insects are known for leaving raised, itchy bites anywhere they bite. If you’re like 20% of the population, they really like your skin.

You don’t have to worry every time you walk out of the door with your skin exposed. Today, we’re sharing some keys to preventing mosquito bites once and for all.

1. Remove Standing Water

It doesn’t take much water for mosquitos to start breeding. Even over-watering your flowerpots can create the perfect environment for them to reproduce.

If you’ve been bitten more lately, then take a walk around the exterior of your home. Look for any instances of standing water, including areas that seem minor. Pay close attention to your rain gutters, rain gauges, bird baths, and other similar spots.

Then, eliminate as much of that water as possible. While it might not prevent mosquito bites completely, it discourages them from procreating right near your front door.

2. Use an Approved Repellant

You can find plenty of insect repellants on the shelves of your local big-box store. The most effective chemical ones include ingredients such as:

  • Picaridin
  • DEET
  • PMD

When used as directed, these repellants are considered safe. However, if you’d rather go the DIY route, then check out this list of easy homemade insect repellants! From apple cider vinegar to witch hazel, you likely have most of the ingredients already on hand.

3. Don’t Let Them Inside

Are you used to waking up with fresh bites? If you want to get rid of mosquitoes in your home, then make sure they don’t have a way to enter in the first place.

Use window screens to keep them from crawling into your home, and remember to keep your doors closed. While a nice summer breeze feels heavenly wafting into your home, it isn’t worth the nuisance of drawing pests indoors.

If you do find that your home has fallen pray to a particularly healthy swarm of mosquitos, you can call these services for treatment.

4. Keep Your Clothes Light

Wondering how to prevent mosquito bites when you’re outdoors? Ditch the dark duds and opt for lighter-colored clothing, instead. Bugs are attracted to deeper, darker tones and they’ll be after you if you’re a gloomy-colored ensemble.

Another benefit of making this simple wardrobe change? You’ll feel cooler, too! Light-colored clothes reflect the visible wavelengths of the sun, so they retain less heat.

5. Avoid Peak Hours

Mosquitos are more active during certain parts of the day, including dusk and dawn. During this time, they’re especially hungry and searching for a meal.

If possible, try to stay indoors during those times. The wind tends to die down during those early and late hours, and you could become an instant feast.

Preventing Mosquito Bites, Made Easy

Mosquitos are arguably one of the most dreaded things about the fall and summer season. However, now that you know the secrets to preventing mosquito bites, you can look forward to the days ahead!

It all starts with a little prevention. Once you know the steps to avoid and the ones to pursue, you’re well on your way to an itch-free day.

Looking for more trusted insights on everything from fashion to travel? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our informative guides.

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