How to Paint Your Nails: A Guide for Beginners

Paint Your Nails

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Saira Farman

The world is changing, and slowly but surely, it’s becoming a safer place for individuals of all gender identities. The pandemic gave us all plenty of time to contemplate just who we want to be in the world, and for many of us, that means re-emerging with new pronouns, a new perspective, and new style choices. If you’re finally ready to express yourself with a friendly pop of color, then learning how to paint your nails is a beautiful way to express who you are!

Even if you haven’t made a big change this year, painting your nails is an awesome skill to have in your back pocket. It is a quick and easy way to add some self-care to your day. Read on to learn how to achieve beautiful nails at home!

Picking Your Polish

The first step toward a gorgeous manicure is picking up your nail polish. This doesn’t have to be stressful! Your local drugstore probably has a wide selection of the best colors for nails!

While you don’t need to start with the best nail polish, quality does matter. Avoid anything that costs you less than a dollar. The formula is likely to be thin, which means more layers, more drying time, and more frustration.

It’s not a bad idea to start with nail polish kits, which contain multiple colors and the tools you need to get started.

How to Paint Your Nails

The first step is always to wash your hands, which will help remove any oils, dirt, or chemicals that may be there. Remove any polish with nail polish remover to start with a completely clean slate. Then gather your materials and set everything up on a flat surface.

You’ll want to be comfortable because at-home manicures can take a little longer than their salon-based counterparts.

Make sure to gather:

  • Your polish (in the best nail colors!)
  • A nail clipper
  • A nail file

Shape It Up

The key to a clean manicure is a neat nail shape. Do some searching online to find a shape you like. Popular shapes include round, square, and almond.

Clip your nails into a rough shape, and then file them down evenly to finish. They don’t need to be perfect, but they should be clean and similar in length.

Apply the Polish

Applying polish is usually the hardest part for a new at-home manicurist, so be patient! Start with a thin layer. You might need to wipe the brush on the side of the bottle to get the right amount onto the brush.

Two or three coats of polish are typical of most drug store polishes, but make sure each layer dries in between. Don’t worry if you get some on your skin – you can clean it off later with a q-tip and a little bit of polish remover.

Once it’s completely dry, you might want to add a top coat to seal it. This adds shine and can help your manicure look professional.

Everyone Deserves Gorgeous Nails!

That’s it! Once everything is dry, and you have cleaned it up, you are ready to show your fresh nails off to the world! It may take a little bit of time before you master the art of using a tiny nail brush, but practice makes perfect!

Now that you know how to paint your nails, the world of color and style is open to you! Looking for more easy beauty tips that will help you feel great, whoever you are? Check out the rest of the blog for more advice that can help you look and feel your best!

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