How to win prison escape room?

Prison escape room

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Prison rooms are very spooky. Imagine you are in a small space where hygiene is lackluster and the water and food is also scarce. You will get spookier when the lightening is very little. If you want to experience an adventurous escape, then you must need to join the prison escape room. In a prison escape room, there are no risk of getting shanked or shivved or even worse.

The concept of adventure room is that they will give you a chance to become the most adventurous person and to play anyone that you want to be with birthday party places. You can be a soft-spoken person or you can be a dangerous prison in the room, the choice is yours.

If you want to join the prison escape room, you need to be successful as these heroes and thus, here we are sharing a few secrets that might help you to be free from the prison room and avoid a lifetime prison room sentence.

Secret 1: Keep it small and simple

As the name itself suggests, the prison escape room contains challenges, clues and puzzles that might be difficult for being a prison in the room, but they are very simple, small and very easy to understand. You simply look hidden words or clues to make it crack the code. You don’t have to complicate the clues. In most of the cases the answer for the clue or puzzle is right after you.

Secret 2: Consider puzzles in the escape room

In most of the escape room, you will find puzzle games. The importance of the puzzle is to confuse the players in the room. It is really rare that you will find hard puzzles. So, you should solve this puzzle to enter into the next room, or to win a reward. In prison escape room, every puzzle counts and every clue has important for getting the hidden key. So, you need to solve ever small and little puzzle that you came across in the escape room. You don’t have to avoid it, as it may be the best part for reaching your goal of breaking out from the prison room escape. You can include your team members if you think that the puzzle is too difficult to achieve. You can even ask the clue to the game master you gave up to the puzzle and unable to solve it.

Secret 3: Use your mind like a child

The prison escape room games are innovative and creative, you must need to think out of the box while playing the game. To break out the game, you really need to think like a child and in a creative way. You need to use all your creative juices to think out of the box and to solve the puzzle. Think when you are a kid and find all the imaginative situations and stories that you need to bring out the kid in you. You will enjoy the escape room more if you think like a child and the clues are also easy to solve.

Secret 4: Try experimenting

Try experimenting with different things. For example, if you can use a bucket, it cannot only be used to fill the water. You can use it as the ladder and height it up to find the clue that are above your head. You need to do creative things with the elements available in the prison room. The psychology of the prison room is to create thinking on how our mind use when to got stuck in the room. So, you don’t have to fear and think of no escape and use the things out of the box. Just stated in the above point, use your brain like a child and do things that are creative.

Secret 5: Energize yourself

Don’t go down if you don’t find any clue, keep the excitement levels on top while playing the prison escape room game. This will encourage your team to get more included in finding the clues and makes the entire game fun and jolly. No matter you find out all the clues and solved all the puzzles, and if you don’t able to solve, you need positive attitude to cheer up everyone. So keep your energy high and encourage everyone to involve in the game and come together to solve all the puzzles and win the game. Don’t miss out the fun element in the game.

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