I pray to God for the light of love to never stop glowing

I pray to God for the light of love to never stop glowing

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Dear parents, you have lived and departed. wedding anniversary wishes for parents in heaven. Cheers for all the pleasant moments you spent together and experienced happiness with each other. You both have gone but I remember both of you when I sit without unoccupied. You will always be missed. You both did not do anything drastically wrong, and I know you are at peace in heaven and watching us.

I miss the regular calls many times in a day talking about simple things like I drink a glass of water after an evening walk. I am grateful to God for being born in your family. Your hard work and devotion are shown in the upbringing of my children. I can recall how happy you both were when I was a kid. God brought you close to each other and your family.  You both protected us from the dark side of life. We got timely advice and made our future which made many around us jealous. Love is like a battlefield. I think you have won. Every marriage has its ups and downs but somehow you could manage to get through it. Indeed, you both are not with us, but no one can wipe my memories from my heart. From both of you, I learned loving, sharing and caring.

Father died early mother you were there with us. Without father, you remembered him every moment, but you never showed the vacuum in your life to keep us going. Father never suffered any health problem but as you reached prime old age health issues were bound to happen. Your last days made you suffer from Alzheimer and were pan supported.

The ancient Indian methods of mental treatment have been described in the four Vedas at relevant places. But the Atharvaveda particularly has explained the various processes and steps for curing such mental disorders as Alzheimer, hysteria etc. Various types of psychoneurotic disorder, psychosis manic depression involuntary melancholia and other such maladies. It has also been explicitly explained as to how to control emotional intensities of anger, jealousy, sex and otherworldly drives. In Atharvaveda for the cure of the disorders various religiously rites such ass worship of certain natural powers. Hawan or fire sacrifices. Mantra medication that is concentrating on some sublime ideas or deities resembling great virtues penance and observance of fasts and worships have been recommended. Many people in India obtained great mental solace and have been cured of their mental maladies by observing these methods or by inculcating within themselves the virtuous ideas which these processes and steps advocate.

I know how painful it was to see mother alive but blank. Sometimes random speech. I tried talking to her at times slowly but pitch high as though you were deaf.

Father, I never imagined you will leave us unexpectedly. You had no fatal disease. I took it for granted that your love for my mother will grow stronger as you grow old. I always wished for a lifetime of happiness together, but destiny changed everything.