Improve Your Aim: How to Utilize Dry-Fire Training

Improve Your Aim: How to Utilize Dry-Fire Training
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In 2021, three in 10 adults in the US report owning a gun. Utilize Dry-Fire Training.

Owning and knowing how to operate a firearm safely is an American tradition enjoyed by millions every year. Whether for sport, hunting, or self-defense, our right to bear arms is truly ingrained in American culture.

But even the most avid enthusiast has room to improve their aim. Practice is an essential part of being a gun owner, but even if you don’t have time to visit the range, you can still master your technique from home with a few simple exercises.

Dry-fire training is safe, effective, and free. Read on to learn more about shooting practice at home.

What is Dry-Fire Training

Dry-fire training is a form of shooting practice that improves your aim and gun control without the use of live ammunition. 

Simulating discharge with an unloaded firearm can help identify and remedy any flaws in your technique by monitoring sight alignment in relation to your target.

Ammunition is costly and can be difficult to source, so when you do get a chance to visit the shooting range, you want every shot to count. Therefore, you should utilize dry-fire drills regularly at home.

How to Practice at Home

Begin by fully unloading your firearm. Use an empty magazine and chamber, and ensure you have a safe backstop in case of a negligent discharge. 

Even when using an unloaded weapon, you must diligently observe gun safety rules. Always treat your firearm as if it is loaded.

Aim your pistol at the target. Pull the trigger in a controlled manner until the gun breaks (goes click), and note any movement in the sights.

Rack your gun and repeat. If you do not observe any movement in the gun-sight, mark the maneuver as a ‘pass.’ When you can pass 10/10 repetitions, begin to increase the speed of each repetition.

Benefits of Dry-Fire Training

Dry-firing can improve aim, speed, and fluidity when shooting.  It also allows you to become more comfortable and confident when handling your weapon.

Another benefit of dry-fire training is that you can practice shooting at home. If you have a spare hour, why not use it to work on your muscle memory and sight picture acquisition?

If you want to utilize dry-firing further, consider purchasing a laser firearm training device. This will provide you with precise, real-time feedback on your performance.

Improve Your Aim With Dry-Firing

So, that’s the 101 on dry-firing drills. Modern shooting technology makes it easy to practice your gun handling at home without the need to expend unnecessary ammunition.

Honing your skills with dry-fire training will make you a more effective shooter both on and off the range.

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