Indian restaurant Weymouth
Indian restaurant Weymouth

Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

Once you have tasted Indian food, you can never get enough of it. You might crave more for Indian dishes when you are not in India and searching for Indian restaurant Weymouth. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the divine taste you get is unforgettable and appetizing. But have you ever wonder why our taste buds always desire for Indian cuisine? So, let us break the mystery and see some facts-

  • Spices: The pleasant aroma and traditional flavour come from Indian agricultural spices. The Combination of a large variety of spices makes the cuisine more alluring. Spice brings a rich look to the dish and adds a distinctive odour to it. Indian spices are even known for their nutritional value which provides our body health benefits. Every spice has its taste and meaning in the dish, which provides a unique taste to every other Indian food.

  • Curries-: One of the important varieties of Indian food is curry. Curries are dishes which include some sauce, which might depend on the type of ingredients in making it. The most commonly cooked curries are coconut base curry or tomato-onion based curry. A pre-made blend of spices with food ends up with a great curry dish. The best part of the curry is that the same curry sauce can be used to make different dishes. People can change the key element of the curry from cheese to chicken as they like. But every blend is made with precision as no flavour should stand out or overpower another spice.
  • Side Dishes/Desert: Side dishes or desserts may look unimportant to some, but they influence the taste fabulously. Gravy in the desert provides additional texture and flavour to overall food. For desserts, Indians prefer milk-based foods like puddings and ice-creams. All these small dishes after the main course make the dining experience great. In Indian households, it is believed that sweet is a must after any meal.
  • Cultural and Religious Influences: People of India are blessed to be able to live with such a diversity of people which gives them the opportunity to reap the benefit of all kind the cultural food. By mixing and matching people procreates unique dish. Each part of India has its known special cuisine. People of India are known for their big hearts, a trait clearly reflected in their food.

The variety of Indian food comes from different types of people and their surroundings. All of these things add richness to the food. There is no chance that anybody can get bored with Indian cuisine as there is such a wide variety of food items in snacks as well as in the main course. It is rightly said that “Once a lover of Indian cuisine, always a lover of Indian cuisine”. People those who are living outside India are missing a lot of things, but with advancement, restaurants are able to provide the best Indian food experience in another country. To cope up with this COVID situation, they even have started Indian delivery takeout




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