Indian Jewelry for Every Woman


Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

Every woman is different, special, and unique. Catering to her uniqueness is the vivid range of Indian jewelry. A fascinating range awaits all women, whether they’re seeking jewelry like necklaces, rings, anklets, or Jhumkas. However, there’s some jewelry that every woman must have, albeit with designs of her own choice. We bring you a list of Indian jewelry that’s been made for every Indian woman.

The timeless kada: Designs in bangles and bracelets come and go, but the beautiful kada is a classic that stays alive. If you don’t have one yet, then do consider adding it to your wardrobe. A wider bangle, kadas can be purchased as a single piece or a set of two. These go well both with Indian attire and western wear. In fact, you can avail of a variety of designs in kadas, that range from simple to elaborate and intricate.

Pretty your feet with anklets: If you feel that anklets aren’t your style, then look again. Today, a range of anklets are bringing back the fashion. You may choose to wear a single anklet to ward off the evil eye, or smart ones to go with your western wear. Then there’s the pretty collection for women who want traditional designs to go with Indian wear. Also, don’t forget to check out bridal collections of anklets, which are available with colored gemstones to make your feet look pretty.

The ageless Jhumkas: Whatever your face shape or neck length may be, there’s a pair of jhumkas designed just for you. These beautiful ear jewelry, are a lovely part of the Indian jewelry collection and have fascinated every woman at some point of time. Whether you already have a pair of these or are still on the lookout, do check out collections here. You’re sure to find more designs in varying colors and patterns to suit your look for the festive season.

Short yet sweet necklaces: Whether you choose yours to be a traditional short necklace that’s studded with semi-precious stones or a contemporary simple piece, there’s much that awaits the discerning buyer. A range of short necklace sets is available with lengths that suit every body type. Also, you can choose from traditional designs like kasuluperu to modern styles with geometric patterns. Suitable both for Indian and western wear, adding a necklace to your collection, will surely add to your charm.

Long and lovely necklaces: If you are a lover of long necklaces, or are seeking to create a layered look with short necklaces, then long necklaces are the way to go. The must-have wedding jewelry, these necklaces now have more purposes to serve, as they go well with a range of clothing. You can choose necklaces sets that are also changeable as waist belts, to widen the scope of usage.

Perfection with Pearls: While diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend, pearls are a vital part of a woman’s jewelry collection. Complementing a variety of dresses, do ensure that you have a set of pearls for special occasions. These look classy, be it as pendants, necklaces, or earrings. As women try to go the extra mile to look pretty, these pearls can enhance their look. Moreover, with a range in size and shade now available you’re sure to find something to fall in love with.

Fine finger rings: Be it a statement piece that’s studded with a huge gemstone or an elaborate pattern, finger rings are here to stay. Choose one that matches your personality, or opt for a selection that goes with your various dresses. Interestingly, finger rings are considered a piece of jewelry that speaks a lot about you, so choose carefully and enjoy wearing these beauties.

A wide variety of Indian jewelry awaits for you, however, if you’re a minimalist, then choose according to your style. Buy pieces that are good in style and quality, and keep wearing them often.

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