The Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

The Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022
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Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

The most expensive piece of jewelry in history is the Hope Diamond. Some say this jewel is priceless but others estimate its value at a whopping $250 million.

Luckily, keeping up with the latest jewelry trends of 2022 is far more affordable. Some of these fashion industry trends are versions of trends in 2021 and 2020 that are more evolved. You can re-wear older pieces that you adore while investing in new ones too.

Are the existing pieces in your jewelry box ready to welcome some new friends? Here are the types of jewelry you should buy in 2022 to look bang-on style. 

Mixed Metals And Lots Of Color

In the early noughties, silver jewelry was in and yellow gold jewelry was out. Then in the late noughties, gold made a comeback and rose gold stole the limelight for a while too. But no matter which color jewelry you chose, it had to match.

Not in 2022! The jewelry industry is rebelling and you can wear gold necklaces with silver rings and rose gold bracelets if you like. 

And if those pieces have lots of colored stones and embellishment then that’s even better. The necklaces on ERIJEWELRY are a perfect example of how the latest jewelry trends in 2022 will sport lots of different colored gems.

Layered Necklaces And Bracelets

Layered jewelry is one of the best women’s jewelry trends for a long time and it’s here to stay. You can wear several dainty necklaces at once to create a laid-back, cool, and bohemian look.

It can be a difficult look to pull off because if you layer the wrong necklaces, it can look too busy or messy. Start with a simple chain necklace, then add a more interesting linked necklace, and then add a medallion necklace. It’s foolproof!

Charming And Chunky

Earrings became a much bigger focus in 2020 due to the rise in video calling and conferencing. People with several lobe piercings bought “huggie” hoop earrings and lots of fake earrings to create a stacked look. 

That was two years ago. Instead of wearing lots of little earrings, in 2022 these little earrings have morphed to become one, huge statement earring. Or two, since earrings come in pairs.

Opt for bold dangling earrings in abstract designs and primary colors. If they look like they should be in a modern art museum, you’ve hit the trend on the head.

Why stop there? People can see your neck in video calls, too. Buy necklaces made from colored glass beads, seashells, and plastic geometric shapes.

You can sum up the latest jewelry trends for 2022 in five words: throw out the rule book. The best jewelry you can wear this year should scream your personality at everyone who sees it. Wear all your best, most colorful jewelry this year and if you can wear it all at once, that’s even better.

Playing with trends and switching up your look is a great way to be creative and increase your self-esteem. If you need more expert style tips, browse our website for lots of fashion and beauty advice!

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